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Daily Bullets (Apr. 4): Gundy Talks HoF Committee



All of these basketball transfer and recruiting options have my head spinning – I’ll be so relieved when the 2019 class is filled.

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy on HoF committee
• Marcus Smart talks adversity
• Kevin Henry, seasoned and prepared


• SB: UT-Arlington 2, Cowgirls 1

OSU Bullets

• If you aren’t impressed by the anonymous voting panel that keeps picking less qualified candidates over Eddie Sutton for the Hall of Fame, you’re not alone.

“We need to know who voted,” (Mike) Gundy said. “We’re trying to get the Mueller Report. We got a subpoena to get that. Why don’t we know who the 24 people are that voted?”

Gundy went on to say he doesn’t know much about the Naismith Hall of Fame, but he found it perplexing that a coach with more than 800 victories would be denied entry. [PFB]

Marcus Smart had some high-level thoughts on sports after the Boston Celtics’ Monday night win.

“Things aren’t going to go our way in the playoffs [all the time]; we have to be able to play through adversity,” guard Marcus Smart said. “Especially everybody can play good when things are going their way, but you define the character in the player when things are going against you. When adversity hits you have to be able to respond.” [Boston Globe]

Responding to adversity is one of the better themes learned in sports both in how you overcome and how you respond when it overcomes you.

How the Boston Celtics have underperformed with such a talented roster is a category of self-imposed adversity that I have no idea how to explain.

• The Pokes will lean on redshirt senior Kevin Henry to fill the Justin Phillips-sized hole at linebacker.

“Kevin came on at the end of the year, and this gives us a chance to really put the mantle on him and see how much he can take playing a primary role,” Knowles said. “He’s a really passionate guy who brings some energy to our defense.”

A 6-foot, 239-poud native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Henry has the size to play the middle and the speed to be a weapon on the outside.

Returning from the ACL injury, it took him some time last season to get his speed back to what he’s used to. [NewsOK]

• The best Cowboy Baseball players of the 2000s was a fun trip down memory lane.

• How Chris Beard built Texas Tech into a juggernaut.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This research looking at seizing the day was inspiring.

As an example, Gneezy imagines trying to find time to use a gift card for a massage. “I’ll look at my schedule for today, and it looks really bad. So does tomorrow, and actually, next week as well,” she explains. “So I’ll say okay, I’ll look two weeks from now. It looks like I’ll have time then. But clearly, when two weeks from now arrives, I’m just as busy.” Given that most of us consider ourselves busy at any given time, the perfect opportunity may never arrive, and so the thing we supposedly want to do continues to be postponed. In some cases, as with gift cards, the opportunity expires before we ever take advantage of it. [The Cut]

• Russell Westbrook dedicated his 20-20-20 game to an LA legend who recently passed – sad to hear about but a good example of ways athletes can use their platform positively

• What happened with the AAF football league

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