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Daily Bullets (Aug. 11): Rudolph and Washington Making Strides Together in Pittsburgh



We have a fun announcement — which we recently told our contributors, now called PFB+ — coming for you guys at the end of this week.

Bullets Rundown

• Rudolph2Washington
• Spieth praises Wolff
• QB1 after Sunday scrimmage?

OSU Bullets

• Rudolph2Washington, Pittsburgh Edition.

Neither Rudolph or Washington has necessarily stolen headlines so far in camp with Washington reported to be behind offseason signee Donte Moncrief in the receiver pecking order and Rudolph entering the summer at QB3. That was until Friday night. It’s just the first week of preseason, but both former Pokes made a statement that they are very much relevant in two of the biggest position battles facing Pittsburgh this preseason. Let’s see what they can do next week. [PFB]

I’m still buzzing over that TD they connected. I know it’s early August and the preseason is whatever, but after so many of them in Stillwater, USA, to connect like that in the NFL is not only awesome, it’s also nostalgic.

• Jordan Spieth played well in front of Matthew Wolff on Thursday and Friday, and he said walking with Wolff gave him good perspective.

Wolff has a self-taught swing that starts with a shimmying trigger and includes a vertical take-away with his club and a full turn with a high right elbow.

“He swings his own swing, which I can certainly look at and say, maybe I don’t have to be perfect,” Spieth said. “You know, it doesn’t have to be textbook. Just be yourself. I can learn stuff from him.” [NYT]

Spieth is definitely his own dude. Self-confident, self-assured and suffers zero fools. So for him to praise Wolff like that certainly isn’t nothing.


• QB decision … after today? Robert Allen says Sunday could be huge re: The Decision.

[Sunday’s] scrimmage, my best guess is 120-140 plays, including special teams work could go a long way in making the decision on one or the other or both. Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Sean Gleeson hinted on assistant coaches media day that the scrimmage on this Sunday after 10 practices might be the perfect moment.

“There is a scrimmage 10 practices in and I would guess both kids would have enough opportunity after the spring, where we kind of rotated and gave them equal opportunity,” Gleeson said of the potential possibility of separation. [GoPokes]

I think they’ll draw it out a little bit longer, but I’m at least excited that naming somebody (or both bodies) is on the horizon.

• This is an article about Dru Brown, but this nugget on SS and Tylan made me weak.

As for the Saturday practice, it was Sanders’ turn to be with the first offense and one of the most exciting plays of the day was a long pass from Sanders to Tylan Wallace, who made an incredible catch while being covered really well by Rodarius Williams. It was a Biletnikoff Award winner type of play. There was plenty of give and take and both quarterbacks did some good things and had a few plays they would like back. Nobody separated on this Saturday. [GoPokes]

Interesting stuff here on why OSU is probably going to (again) run it more than they throw it.

• This was nice.

• So was this.

• “The kid is a complete back.”

• Could not be more in on Trace Ford.

• Seth!

• Baker as the best Sooner ever?

Non-Sports Bullets

Here’s a story on a sportswriter-turned-organic food store owner. It’s great.

• This on why you should start a podcast — and, more broadly, old vs. new media — is terrific.

What’s left for Mike Trout to conquer?

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