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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Aug. 13): NFL Update Edition, HBD Coach Gundy



“My experience is what I agree to attend to.” – William James

Bullets Rundown

• Managing defensive expectations
• Justice Hill as a lead back?
• Blake Jarwin holding down his targets

OSU Bullets

• Have we as OSU (and Big 12 fans) given up on the idea of a good defense?

…(W)ith a lot of new faces in play for this fall, you’d figure that stopping folks would rank right behind the Sanders-Brown duel as the most compelling storyline. But at least among outsiders, it is not.

Which brings me to this possibility: maybe we’re just conceding bad defense.

Maybe we’ve just slipped into defensive fatigue, worn out by so much toying with our emotions with promises made, yet never kept. You know, the fool-me-twice, shame-on-me principle. [GoPokes]

That’s the thing – you can make a judgment call based off of how OSU has performed defensively under Mike Gundy based off the general talent level or you can make a prediction based off Jim Knowles and his one year of performance in the Big 12.

Based off of our research of the numbers, one of those numbers is closer to passable than the other.

• Some folks are high on Justice Hill in Baltimore – one even predicted (boldly) that he would produce more than incumbent (and former Heisman-winner) Mark Ingram.

 It should be tight between the two players, both of whom should garner tons of touches. But the bold prediction here is for Hill to overtake Ingram as the team’s best back and to gain a slight edge in total yards by the end of the season. [CBS Sports]

Does Cowboy alum Blake Jarwin have a shot at unseating recently-unretired (Dallas) Cowboy legend Jason Witten?

Many tight ends have tried and failed to eat into Jason Witten’s snap counts over the years, but none of them was dealing with the future HOFer when he was coming off of a one-year retirement. Considering where Witten is at in his career and that Jarwin is an ascending player, and how much the Cowboys utilize tight ends, you have to believe that Jarwin is going to get enough chances to shine. [Blogging the Boys]

The answer? Probably not. But his pitch count will likely be lowered as a result of aging and that’s where Jarwin comes in.

• This conference-by-conference breakdown of college football coaches on the hot seat was good

• Happy (late) birthday to Coach Mike Gundy – the greatest return on investment in college football over the last ten years. 

Non-OSU Bullets

• How do people get new ideas?

• I’m all over the idea of inviting friends over for dinner (of course, I’m an extrovert) – it’s cheaper and beneficial in a more isolated society

• Finished this classic read yesterday – what a great look at productivity while valuing character

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