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Daily Bullets (Aug. 8): Brown/Sanders vs. Walsh/Rudolph, Finding Discipline in 2019



I was thrilled yesterday to see the “Tape Doesn’t Lie” podcast with our old friend Adam Lunt is back – excellent breakdown position-by-position of the Pokes.

Bullets Rundown

• Brown/Sanders vs. Walsh/Rudolph
• Finding discipline in 2019
• Chris Carson chatter

OSU Bullets

• The Dru Brown-Spencer Sanders debate is far from the same as the Mason Rudolph-JW Walsh debate.

The skill sets and athletic wherewithal of Rudolph and Walsh were decidedly different, so their abilities were complementary. With Brown and Sanders today, there isn’t that great a difference stylistically.

Brown is more experienced. Sanders has more pure arm talent and speed, but the belief now is that when Brown is on the field with the first-team offense, everything clicks at a slightly better level and there might be a lower risk of turnovers. [TulsaWorld]

Everything we hear seems to communicate that Brown is the safer option but that Sanders and his talent lend for a higher ceiling. There’s not really clear and defined circumstances where you would need one over the other, right? 3rd and 35, bring out Sanders and his big arm? Naw.

• Mike Gundy has been preaching discipline this year, accrediting the 2018 team’s inconsistencies to a lack thereof. This begs the question: can a team find discipline in a year?

Gundy is seemingly touching up one of crumbling pillars upon which he previously built his (what qualifies at Oklahoma State as a) dynasty. But can you turn that around in a year? Can you go from 115th in penalty yards per game to the top 50 or top 30? Can you change — do you even want to change — the way Calvin Bundage plays college football? [PFB]

I don’t love alluding to it – but it’s almost like how OSU and OU both could be so much more competitive (on their different scales) if they had defenses to match their offenses. And maybe not even defenses that can match their offenses – just not scraping the barrel at the bottom of the league.

If OSU can marginally improve, that may be all that’s needed to get out of their own way.

Chris Carson is projecting out for another successful season as the lead back in Seattle.

There is little concern about Carson’s health entering 2019 after getting work done on his knee earlier in the offseason — undoubtedly good news for fantasy football owners (and obviously Carson) as PFF projects him to attain 794.9 rushing yards on 190.2 carries, as well as secure 6.4 total touchdowns. [PFF]

• What to expect from new head coaches across CFB – I keep forgetting Mack Brown is back coaching!

•  Boynton, Garth, and Hovland is the best combo of friendly/engaging – sign me up.

• This was incredible  – I imagine athletic departments get some bizarre applicants when they have a coaching opening.

I would equate this to when I submitted for my local newspaper (<2,000 in rural Oklahoma) to announce that I’d be forgoing my college career and declaring for the NBA draft.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Was e-mail a mistake?

• This on the restoration of Tulsa’s Southern Hills is great

• Surprising results in “America’s Favorite Sandwich” – I’m club sandwich all the way

• The sad story of “wolf children” during WW II

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