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Daily Bullets (August 10)



Shared Responsibility

Gundy pointed to a key reality with the budding cornerback position – they’ve got to have some help.

While Gundy didn’t hint at who is stepping to the forefront in those competitions, he did say he’s seen promise in that group over the first week of practice.

“I feel better about our corners right now than I did when we started,” he said. “I’m seeing guys that are very competitive. Their success right now, with the youth at that spot, will be dependent on our pass rush and our ability to get to the quarterback so that we don’t leave those guys out there for a long period of time.” [NewsOK]

So two things: put the pressure on broader, more experienced shoulders and keep the competition wide open and don’t give anyone a leg up.

Can’t imagine how different this conversation would be if this guy was still on campus.

Game Changers

Gundy has mentioned the 2008 Mizzou game as a program-altering win – does that make Zac Robinson a program altering-QB?

It’s been almost a decade since Robinson found Damian Davis twice for touchdowns in the game that he says brought OSU into the spotlight that it is squarely in now. Quarterbacks may continue to come and go, but only once do you get a quarterback who helped make the program the way it is now.

Is Robinson up for ever returning to OSU as a coach or turning another program’s fortunes around? He doesn’t know.

“I definitely enjoy doing what I’m doing right now and can see this playing out for quite some time,” Robinson said. “I will never close the door on getting into coaching or getting into a personnel type of deal.” [Stillwater Newspress]

Robinson played the part similar to an RG3, the forerunner that opened the door for Weeden and Rudolph to quarterback ten-win teams.

OSU and NCAA Notes

The weirdest things college football coaches have signed….SI’s Andy Staples has a legit list of best food in college towns….Minnesota surprised a walk-on with a scholarship….Yahoo picks out national title/playoff contenders in each conference

Mason’s not surprised.

Poor Carson, there’s always someone bigger than you.

Bundage feels like he’s Jordan Burton 2.0. Taking on Perine!

Gunnar for the 2022 Heisman.

Day 2 of fall camp complete, the start of something great‼️

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D-Mase bringing you some gear.

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