Daily Bullets (August 11)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Gundy Gets It

Other than being the most successful coach in school history, Gundy being an “Okie” that embraces the dynamics in the state give him akk-urat perspective.

“I like the mindset of a place like Oklahoma State. I think it’s the same mindset you have to have if you’re at Michigan State or Georgia Tech or Auburn, the underdog guys. You’re not the brand name. You’re not always on the tip of everybody’s tongue. Nothing’s handed to you because you’re not the flagship or whatever you want to call it.

“It’s not easy and never has been easy. But I can tell you this, when you finally have some success, when you win those battles and look into the eyes of the folks who have stuck with it through some really bad times — man, that’s a feeling like nothing else.” [ESPN]

My first OSU football memories are Bob Simmons but I could imagine the longer your fandom, the more you can truly appreciate the rise under Gundy.

Pulling for the Defense

A counterintuitive aspect of coaching is hoping your defense makes your offense look bad in practice.

“Forever I was so zoned in on the offense that I would get upset if they weren’t doing well,” Gundy said. “And then about six to eight years ago I realized that I would prefer that the defense do better.

“I’ve always felt like we could scheme our offense to be able to find ways to score, but on the defensive side, the speed and talent part of it is so important. It’s nice when we go through a practice and the defense can just kind of shut our guys down.

“It makes us feel a little better, but it has been back and forth so far and I’m pleased with that side of practice.” [NewsOK]

These are the things it takes a while to learn as a coach that it seems like the Holgerson/Kingsbury/Riley tree will have to process as offensive guys. With that being said it’d take the 2013 defense to shut down these horses in practice.

OSU and NCAA Notes

20 things to know about the Big 12….Looking at the Ole Miss situation as a business crisis….Insightful interview with Cowboy linebacker Chad Whitener….A wild story about a hyped recruit from Texas: CFB -> NFL practice squads -> Olympics

Do yourself a favor and get a pair of these. Orange Power soles!

CBS has the Pokes in a good spot.

A solid edit – the Sinorman.

Way more defenders in the league than I thought.

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  • Chris Baker

    Anything on the James Washington Injury or non-injury? Was it a fake report? There were tweets and FB posts about it last night and nothing today, is that good news? WHAT’S GOING ON???

  • Wayne from Forty One

    Its fake news, that would be the lead story everywhere, unless the goons offered some 10 year old

    • Wayne from Forty One

      Not quite fake news, but not quite real news either

  • ckb24

    Where there is smoke, there is fire, unfortunately..

  • RyanO

    Looks like he had abdominal pain and an ultrasound showed an old hernia. He is going to try to play through the pain.

  • OSU Student

    I’m surprised PFB is pretending like the PMT report never existed. True or not (and I’m 99.9% sure it’s fake) I would be dying to write something about it if I was running a major OSU sports blog. Other than the same-old same-old “good practice today, gotta get better” daily report, this is actually something new and interesting to dive in on. Not a word has been said about it. Not saying PFB NEEDS to say anything per say, just saying I’m surprised they haven’t taken the opportunity.

    • Chris Baker

      And to that end they wouldn’t have to report on it in a normal way. Why not take the angle of, how did “barstool” get this info first and how did this story or nonstory get started?

      • OSU Student

        Yep. I agree.

    • OSU Student

      lol I post this comment and PFB starts going wild with PMT posts. ?

    • David

      Yeah, I agree. We are out of the country with slow service and was told about the tweet. Didn’t have the time to browse much besides PFB and saw nothing. I kind of thought we’d be ok without The President as long as he was was back for conference play but looks like we are in the clear?

  • Lee

    His memories of OSU football only go back to Simmons. Mine go back to Phil Cutchin. The only good thing that happened from 1963-1967 was that we beat OU twice in four years. And, both wins were memorable games. All the losses to OU are really the only negatives on Gundy’s record.

    • David

      I started the first year of Gundy. Great fan investment so far, but first few years weren’t that pretty.

  • Clint

    Probably not the discussion au jus, but “…My first OSU football memories are Bob Simmons but I could imagine the longer your fandom, the more you can truly appreciate the rise under Gundy.”
    This is a great (and honest) statement from Mandeville! But, it’s so true. Even if the Simmons days are your point of reference, you don’t see the same pic as a lot of fans. I mean, I don’t want to be that “back-in-my-day” guy; but, I was there in the Jimmy J days, then the Pat (I Got Brains in Low Places) Jones day, etc. It was NOT fun! It is why so many oSu fans are thrilled with 8-win seasons. Gundy was a champ at qb – loved him! But, his job as HC is glorious…unprecedented…and I LOVE it!!