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Boone: Ranking My Top Five Uniform Combinations from 2016



Before we begin the 2017 football season with new uniform combinations, what better time than the present to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the best uniform combinations from 2016?

Like Cox and Barber have done before me, I’ve got my list ready to roll. And thanks to some assists from our Chief Uniform Officer and social media savant Justin Southwell (who told me any list was good so long as the orange-white-gray Kansas game combo was left off), I’m feeling confident in my top five list from the 2016 season.

Let’s do it!

5. Texas: Black (Marshal Badge)/Black/Black

The reverse stormtrooper look slayed me when the Pokes rolled this one out for Texas. The black-black-black is killer (and I imagine it’s killer to wear in 80-plus degree weather), and it’s good on so many levels. The badge, the facemask, all of it.

The chrome facemask (and the fact that it didn’t include the giant Pete) gave this one a slight edge over the true all-white stormtrooper look from the Baylor game.


4. West Virginia: Black (Old School Brand)/Orange/White

This wasn’t the most flashy combo — the matte black doesn’t exactly jump off the screen — but this was a solid top-to-bottom pairing with the bright orange top and classic white pants.

Like Cox noted, the fact that they wore matching throwback socks to go with this get-up makes it 10x better. The socks perfectly complement the orange uni and make it pop. A solid homecoming combination if there were one!


3. Central Michigan: Black (Pete)/Black/Gray

I tried to work this one out for … obvious reasons. But I just couldn’t.

I apologize to the traditionals who remind me gray is not a school color, but the gray pants were a perfectly subtle complement to the black helmet and black top. Throw in the chrome facemask with it all and it’s why it lands at No. 3 on my list.


2. Pittsburgh: White (Marshal Badge)/Orange/White

Give me the badge!

The white-orange-white is an OSU classic I can’t resist, and with the white lid and marshall badge it puts it near the top of the list for me for last season. Matching socks would have probably put this one at the top for me like my dude Hayden Barber ranked it.  This is just such a clean look.


1. Oklahoma: Black (Paisley Marshal Badge)/White/Black

The paisley helmet with orange facemask for the Alamo Bowl didn’t do much for me, but the same helmet with black facemask crushed when OSU rocked it for Bedlam.

The paisley badge-white-black combo didn’t produce the best on-field results, obviously, but this was hands-down the best top-to-bottom combo for 2016 in my opinion. It’s traditional with just enough flash to really jump off the field.

Look at it!



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