Daily Bullets (August 12)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Risk and Reward

Mullets and snake hunting are all good and fun when the Pokes are contending.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has gotten a lot of mileage out of his throwback hairstyle, but he knows it will backfire if the Cowboys fail on the field.

”I told them all the stuff that’s gone on with me and the marketing and all that – that stuff only works when you’re winning,” Gundy said. ”If my hair is long, and we’re losing it’s not near as fun. People are going to say, `Cut your hair’ all the time. It’s all based on their success, and I think they understand that side of the game.”’ [Fox Sports]

Not that we’re concerned about it this season – those feathery locks can grow past his hind parts before he has to worry.

Grinding It Out

Tony Allen is still perceived as widely useful – even if he’s been in the pros since the last Cowboy Final Four.

Wing defender: Tony Allen
For all his offensive limitations, Allen started 66 of his 71 games and averaged 27.0 minutes per game last season. So there certainly appears to be a place for his historically elite perimeter defense in the league. Where that might be remains to be seen. The Grizzlies have moved on, adding a number of younger shooting guards to replace the 35-year-old Allen. [ESPN Insider]

While his time in Memphis has closed, Allen is bound for one of 450 NBA roster spots. In this day and age where prolific offensive wings are a premium, Tony is krypton.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Flagged yesterday but this Gundy at 50 piece is incredible….HCS says OSU has the Big 12’s best receivers….Rashaun Woods and Aso Pogi are back on the field together….Les Miles sounds to be on lots of channels this fall

Rick’s hanging around,  currently T7 at -3.

Probably a leaner, more tear drop looking shot would be better for a Jawun card.

Every Day Guy -> Let’s Work.

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Other Stuff I’m Reading

More details on the podcast “S-Town” (intriguing but… colorful story)….Don’t miss this weekend’s meteor shower