Despite Tweet, James Washington Appears to be Healthy

Written by Kyle Porter

Cowboy Nation had a collective heart attack when, on Thursday evening, the Twitter account @PardonMyTake tweeted out that James Washington would miss the first four games of the season with a hernia injury.

The tweet has since been deleted, but why was it sent out in the first place? On Friday, Lauren Rew reported that Washington was checked out and that a hernia was discovered, but it didn’t seem super serious (at least in the short term).

Then on Friday, @CowboyFB tweeted out practice highlights, and Washington was spotted catching passes from No. 2. So he either sent a hologram or is in fact all right and playing through the hernia.

Now it’s important to remember here that this doesn’t necessarily mean Washington is 100 percent. Maybe he will have surgery in the future. Who knows? But it wouldn’t appear as if he’s going to miss the first four games like @PardonMyTake reported originally.

We followed up with multiple people and still haven’t heard anything more substantial than what Rew reported. The original tweet by @PardonMyTake was a pretty bold position to take, especially from a verified account that has one of the most popular podcasts going today. And especially given how they arrived at the news.

More like pardon my (fake) take.

  • PythonPoke

    Regardless of his performance today, we likely need to spend several months investigating these fake allegations against the President (James Washington)… just in case. You know… anonymous sources and all.

    • OrangeTuono

      Has President Washington been colluding with secondaries the last 3 years to make it look like he’s the nations most productive deep threat? I think we need a special investigation!

  • AC

    This makes me legitimately angry at them. “Decent backstory and seemed legit” – you jags. Confirm. Verify. THEN report. It’s one of the fundamental tenets of journalism. They are Thayer-level hacks at this point.

    • BBJD

      They aren’t journalists lol It is a comedy podcast making fun of sports media.

      Annoying this happened to us but trust me comparing them to Thayer makes no sense they aren’t journalists they are more bloggers and satirists

      • AC

        Yeah, using ‘lol’ as punctuation kind of invalidates your point, but I get what you’re saying. Regardless of just being a comedy podcast, when you start bringing in sources and talking about ‘seeming legit’ and actually breaking news, you take on journalistic responsibilities – no matter the context. It’s also entirely fair to compare them to Thayer because, if the idea of the ‘hack’ is to be believed, it was done to hurt the team and fanbase.

        • Bleed Orange Ferguson

          Why does using lol as punctuation invalidate his post?? That makes no sense. Calling out someone’s grammar mistakes is like third grade stuff.

          • AC

            It’s a writing tic that shows an unwillingness to express thoughts properly. Nothing about them ‘not being journalists’ required laughter – it’s extraneous at best and meant to be mocking at worst. Forgive me for thinking that, you know, people attempting to legitimately break news actually hold a responsibility to be accurate, regardless of their status.

          • BBJD

            The fact you got legitimately angry at a story that has no negative repercussions is the laughable portion. It’s unfortunate that they reported something that clearly wasn’t 100% true. You being angry about comedy bloggers not getting a story right made me actually laugh. lol was how I express that feeling and your following posts have brought a similar joy to my day so thank you for that.

          • Tayvl

            The fact that you’re excusing them because lol they’re not journalists is what’s bothering me. That’s like saying a comedian is OK to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded auditorium because lol “He’s just a comedian! They ALWAYS joke!”

          • BBJD

            No because real people could be hurt in your example. I’m not even saying it is funny I’m saying taking a comedy podcast seriously will make you look like a fool. They just interviewed Mike Leach the other day and their questions included do you watch pirate porn.

            I’m not sticking up for the joke or anything I’m just trying to give you guys context that getting upset with pardon my take for journalistic standards is the equivalent of being upset with the onion.

        • BBJD

          You must be a blast a parties. Relax and enjoy your life a bit more.

          • AC

            My life’s actually lovely and I enjoy it quite a bit, but I appreciate the advice.

  • Surgey now

    He needs to get it fixed now. It is a contact sport. I’d rather have him miss the first 4 weeks ahere the schedule is lighter than get hurt mid season and be gone for the playoff push.

    • Wtc

      Same. Please don’t play hurt.

    • David

      My thoughts exactly!

    • PythonPoke

      If he’s had it since he was a child as was supposedly reported, then umm….

    • OrangeTuono

      If he does have something to get fixed, which I am not thinking is the case, it would probably be GOOD for the team if he wasn’t available the first 4 games. It would give the Posse more game day catches in prep for conference play.

      • kspokesfan

        Now you are using your noggin for more than a hat rack….

  • POISON66

    Anyone wonder if that was old practice footage of Washington? That could have been taken recently or even last year. Plus, none of the coaches or media has said that rumor was hogwash and looks great!

    • CaptainObvious

      Kind of stupid for a coach to ever address rumors. It removes the concept of plausible denialability

    • Shaniac

      Gundy never addresses injuries until after camp and usually only season ending injuries.