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Daily Bullets (August 25)



Up For Promotion

An OSU assistant is well thought of – and will likely be thought of for next winter’s head coach openings.

6. Mike Yurcich, Oklahoma State offensive coordinator – Rising star with a direct link to quarterback Mason Rudolph’s Heisman candidacy and prolific career. Yurcich is an Ohio native, which means he could be a fit at a MAC opening. If the Cowboys end up on a run, his trajectory could be higher. [Yahoo Sports]

Yurcich making lists of top coordinators up for hire will make him next in a long line of Gundy assistants – but first in a while to get a head gig. Dana at West Virginia the last?

Papa Gundy

Good “frustrating dad” stories are always great – and here’s the hazard of being the child to a top-ten coach.

Gundy’s use of the remote control isn’t always welcome, especially if the game is exciting or entertaining.

“It frustrates my boys because they want to watch the game and I’m running it back,” Gundy said. “It takes a little bit to get all the positions and get everything right. Then by the time you run it through it’s probably already popped up on their phone, who won or lost.” [NewsOK]

Kids these days.

Shipping Out of Boston?

In the aftermath of a blockbuster trade landing a new all-star point guard in Boston, Yahoo thinks Marcus Smart could be on the trading block.

Smart, an impactful role player, has to be worried about his long-term future in Boston. The three-year pro, who seems to always be rumored in trade talks, paired with (Avery) Bradley and (Jae) Crowder to establish one of the deepest and versatile teams in the NBA. Now Bradley and Crowder are both gone in order to facilitate the acquiring of “blue chippers” in Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.

With the unpredictable Ainge somehow still owning four first-round picks over the next two years and with coveted young assets on his roster, it’s hard to believe that this is the final vision for the Celtics’ roster. [Yahoo]

If they don’t think they’ll be able to resign him in the offseason, the prudent move is getting assets out of the feisty combo guard.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Can Patrick Ewing resurrect Georgetown?….538 looks at what CFB teams are most overrated each year (spoiler: Hook ’em)….One SI writer has the Pokes in the title game plus other fun OSU projections….College football’s most lethal (3-yard) play

Gosh you’d love to know what these guys are talking about.

McCleskey on finding Ag Hall is hilarious.

SI talks through why they have the Pokes over the Sooners – and it’s fun to hear.

Grad Transfer U.

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