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Daily Bullets (August 27)



Hurricane Quarterback?

Here at the start of game week, still no news as to who their starting quarterback will be.

Chad President and Luke Skipper continue to fight for the starting quarterback job at Tulsa, and with the game a few days away, that could seem like a problem for Oklahoma State.

But because neither quarterback has played significant minutes — and Skipper not at all — the Cowboys won’t know what to expect from either of them, even if one was named the starter.

“The guys they’re going to use, there isn’t much video of that,” Gundy said. “You would prefer to have that, but in Tulsa’s case, it doesn’t affect much.”

So OSU can only study schemes and tendencies of coach Philip Montgomery, rather than worrying about the specific attributes of the quarterbacks. [NewsOK]

So watching a more athletic dual-threat like President or a big-armed bombe like Skipper isn’t necessarily the ticket – but rather learning the ropes of the Hurricane offense will be essential.

Deja Vu?

Mason Rudolph could be developing an interesting career arc that parallels his high school days.

For Rudolph, it’s wins that he wants – the big wins. And, he informs, he’s turned this corner before.

“I think it’s similar to my high school situation,” Rudolph said. “My sophomore year we weren’t very good, my junior year we made it to the state championship and lost. My senior year we went undefeated and won (the state championship). [NewsOK]

How fascinating – it took him a couple of years of getting close to get over the hump!

OSU and NCAA Notes

Jenni Carlson dives into the hairstyles of Cowboy football….Rudolph predicted as a top-ten Heisman candidate….Yahoo has the Sooners over the Cowboys in the B12 title game….Louisville just got $16m/year for 10 years from Adidas….Five predictions for the 2017 season

Jimmy Bean joins a stellar Broncos defense.

Just a couple of Cowboy greats.

Sounds like a solid plan, Mason will send his regards from the NFL.

2018 four-star CJ Moore after beating Broken Arrow yesterday:

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