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PFB Introductions: Hayden Barber



We recently had our summer meetings in Stillwater, and one of our takeaways was that we want to provide better background and insight into our writers as individual people. So we filmed some 5-minute interviews with guys you’ve probably been reading for years. Hopefully you’ll learn something about them and feel like you’re engaging with more than just an avatar on a page.

Next up, beat writer Hayden Barber.

Barber’s bio

Howdy, friends. When I came to Pistols Firing, I was worried about how I could transition from hard news writing at the O’Colly to a more laid-back approach. Seeing how I started this with “Howdy,” I think I’m doing all right. I’m from Keller, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since I was a 5-foot fifth grader, I’ve wanted to take a creative writing class but never could because there were never enough people who wanted to write with me.

After applying to one university, I got to Oklahoma State in August 2014 not knowing what I wanted to pursue in the sports media field. I tried TV, radio, camera work, even and play-by-play, which went horribly. I needed something more relaxing while still using my best skills. Writing.

Now a senior graduating in December, I this semester is going to be my best yet in writing. I’ve been working on a huge project all summer and can’t wait to show all of you. Thank you all for your support of PFB. I hope I speak for all of us when I say there is plenty more in store.

Porter’s take

Hayden has played an essential role on our team for almost all of 2017. He approached me a little under a year ago as a student in Stillwater to pitch ways in which PFB could become a better organization, and I appreciated his thoughtfulness and entrepreneurial mind.

He has provided a skill — beat writing on campus — that we have lacked for the entirety of this organization’s existence. And he’s been great. Pieces like the one he wrote about Kenny Gajewski are why we brought Hayden on board, and I’m excited to see what his future at PFB (and beyond) looks like.

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