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Daily Bullets (August 28) – Prepping for the Oil Baron’s First Day on the Job



First Day on the Job

As we inch closer to Taylor Cornelius’ first start, which of the following would you guess has the most similar stat line to the Oil Baron in his first start?

…(I)t’s interesting to look back on debuts in Oklahoma State’s recent history. Cornelius will be the first new starter for OSU since Rudolph at Baylor in 2014.

• Nov. 22, 2014 at Baylor: Mason Rudolph goes 13-of-25 for 281 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in a 49-28 loss

• Sept. 13, 2014 vs. UTSA: Daxx Garman goes 16-of-30 for 315 yards and two touchdowns in a 43-13 win

• Nov. 10, 2012 vs. West Virginia: Clint Chelf goes 22-of-31 for 292 yards, four touchdowns and an interception in a 55-34 win

• Sept. 29, 2012 vs. Texas: J.W. Walsh goes 18-of-27 for 301 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in a 41-36 loss

• Sept. 1, 2012 vs. Savannah State: Wes Lunt goes 11-of-11 for 129 yards in an 84-0 win [TulsaWorld]

This would make for a terrific poll question. I’m rolling the dice on Thursday night looking more like Garman’s first start than the others. Maybe a little more accurate but a few great tosses with an errant throw caused by the jitters.

Stepping Up to the Tee Box

As we continue to ponder Taylor Cornelius’ first start, Berry Tramel had some solid thoughts on expectations for replacing both Mason Rudolph and Goober Mayfield.

Seems like a really good time to remind us all — me, you, other media, fans, teammates, coaches, everyone — that matching the performance of Rudolph and Mayfield is mission impossible. Let’s go easy on these guys.

“Everybody has to be a little patient with him,” Gundy said of Cornelius. “It’s not going to just look like Mason and James (Washington, favorite receiver). That was a machine that worked its way to that point over a three-year period.”

OSU athletic director Mike Holder wandered over to practice the other day and in chatting with Gundy asked about the new quarterback.

So Gundy resorted to a golf analogy for an old golf coach.

“What I told Holder, he (Cornelius) is damn good on the driving range,” Gundy said. “I just don’t know what he’ll do on the tee box.” [NewsOK]

I think the bar to set for Cornelius is how many of Rudolph’s throws he can make and how consistently. Can he make 75 percent of those tosses? He (likely) won’t be able to hit Tyron in stride but is he having to come back for the ball? Is he getting the ball out in descent time? I think those are a few reasonable questions to ask early on.

OSU and NCAA Notes

OSU-Missouri State had one heck of a game in 1996….Went on a great Big 12 pod to talk about the Pokes over the weekend….This Baylor stuff just gets weirder – infiltrating victim’s groups?….See what Big 12 QB races are still open….Tramel looks at the effects of new uniforms on OSU and OU

Look out Bears!

Frogs won the field battle, Cowboys won the war.

Ateman is really making plays in Oakland – had a pass interference in the end zone by Lenzy Pipkins! Chances are getting better that he makes the 53 man roster, saw a competitor traded recently.

An impressive number here.

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Check out this $47B highway in Norway:

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