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Daily Bullets (August 30)



How much better is the OL?

Good post here on the horror that was the 2014 offensive line and how much better it could be in 2015. Feels like the OL is, uh, overreaching a tad with the keeping Mason upright narrative. He was pretty elusive. (NewsOK)

Zach Crabtree throwing some mini shade at Bob Connelly: “Coach Adkins changed the mentality. With him uplifting us, and showing us how to get things done … a lot of it is due to him. We believe we can be good, and that’s the biggest part. You’ve got to believe in yourself.” (Tulsa World)

Central Michigan is comin’

Ryan Simmons is ready: “I’m tired of practicing. I’m just ready to get out there with my brothers and start my very last season. It’s a great time for us and I’m just glad to have the opportunity to play one more season.” (Go Pokes)

Great Q&A with Central Michigan’s head coach. (Tulsa World)

Glenn Spencer: “We’re always uneasy about the first game. On our side of the ball you could get any formation, you could get anything. They haven’t shown what their favorites are. It’s nerve-racking.” (Go Pokes)

Uniform chatter

The five best OSU uniform combos. (PFB)

On what OSU could potentially wear against Central Michigan on Thursday. Mike Yurcich gives an all-time quote that looks like it’s straight out of one of our satire pieces! (NewsOK)

Football news

This on how OSU is going to start four or five transfers is really good. Glenn Spencer: “I could pat myself on the back all I want and say I’m an unbelievable identifier of talent and I’ve got this secret to junior college recruiting — but I’m not. You do your best.” (Tulsa World)

Four notable depth chart omissions. (PFB)

Ranking the Big 12 mascots. (CRFF)

Mason Rudolph knows something special is brewing. (PFB)

Mike Gundy puts the trust of his special teams in the hands of two freshmen (literally). (PFB)

The 20 most important people to the season (No. 5). (PFB)

Emmanuel Ogbah has become more than just a great defensive end. (PFB)

What is OSU’s trap game? No, no, no no, no, no, no! (ESPN)

Devante Averette is coming home

Thanks to a lot of yoga. (PFB)

Devante Averette: “I came here for a job, to help Oklahoma State win a national championship. I saw when we played Florida State, what kind of team we could have when everyone is healthy and on the same page. I feel like we could make it all the way this year.” (okstate)

Around the country

This on which teams win when it comes down to crunch time in October and November is really interesting. (LGG)

The college football season started in style last night. (Yahoo)

Tim Beckman, gone. (NewsOK)

Other sports

OSU loses 2-0 to the Sooners in Stillwater. (okstate)

For their own sake, I really want this basketball team to be good. But… (okstate)

This bat flip… (Big Lead)

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