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Daily Bullets (August 31)




Betting on No. 2

Mason Rudolph is getting some noise for the Heisman – here are some thoughts outlining his best chances.

I’m working under the assumption that a quarterback will win the Heisman because quarterbacks win Heismans these days (14 of the past 17) and this is a great year at the position. Rudolph has an NFL arm, a wide-open offense, perhaps the best group of wide receivers in college football and — most important of all — he’s playing on a non-traditional powerhouse that has a real shot at making the CFP.

He’ll be the face of Oklahoma State’s storybook season and with modest improvement on last season’s 315 passing yards per game, he’s a lock to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony. [CBS Sports]

Solid odds as a QB, modest improvement on yardage with all the necessary tools and the face of a contender are all compelling reasons to believe.

The Presidential Way

James Washington hasn’t always appeared to be destined for greatness but now he’s headed for all-time Cowboy greatness.

Stamford had no real weight program. And between football, basketball, tennis and track, Washington would not have had time for one, anyway.

But that didn’t make it any less embarrassing when he could only bench press 185 pounds, while the two other freshman wide receivers — Chris Lacy and Keenen Brown — did 225.

Lacy and Brown were from powerhouse high schools in DeSoto and Houston, respectively. When they first went to a party, the crevasse between the two worlds expanded. Lacy remembers chuckling at seeing Washington in Wrangler jeans and boots, while he wore Jordans. [TulsaWorld]

James played catch up pretty well.

Small World

OSU wide receiver Marcel Ateman will be lining up against an old friend tonight. And across campus, his old quarterback probably just moved out over the last few months.

(Tulsa defensive end Jesse) Brubaker moved to tight end as a junior (at Wylie East High) and was replaced at quarterback by Garrett McCain, who went on to play baseball at OSU and was the Big 12 Player of the Year last season before being drafted by the Detroit Tigers.  [TulsaWorld]

How stacked was that Texas high school?

OSU and NCAA Notes

Great preview of the OSU-Tulsa game….Where and how to watch college football games THIS WEEK/END….Would an all-star team of Group of Five players beat Alabama?….Rudolph begins his Heisman push tonight

Gundy! Gundy!

Google Calendar bout’ to get filled out for the winter.

*tries to contain excitement*

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Put in Eddie.

I hope Brady Quinn tells the story about how OU took him to Applebee’s on a recruiting visit again.

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