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Daily Bullets: Brandon Weeden needs to learn to change a diaper

OSU is not doing a good job on the PR front, Shaun Lewis loves Green Bay, Russell Okung’s ring is insane, and who is Marcus Smart’s comp?




Berry Tramel on how OSU is failing on the PR front. Intriguing, even if you disagree with it. (NewsOK)

I love Bob Stoops Face here. (NewsOK)

No more state title games at BPS? (NewsOK)

Orange Power folks going to have a heck of a time writing Za’Carrius Green. (247)

Seven OSU games in Berry’s top 25 Big 12 games for 2014. (NewsOK)

Can Ashton Lampkin be, say, 85 percent of what Justin Gilbert was? Or I guess the question is: Can Kevin Peterson be 90 percent of Gilbert and can Lampkin be 90 percent of 2013 Peterson? (NewsOK)

Joe Randle: You just got to wait on your turn because there’s people there before you. I thought that I was doing a good job last year, but last year is last year and I’m ready to ride this year.” (Tulsa World)

Shaun Lewis: “I played at one of the best universities in the country for four years, and I was a four-year starter. I made plays in the Big 12 for four years. That production alone gave them reason to bring me up here, but there’s no telling. They probably saw something in me that I don’t even know I have yet.” (NewsOK)

Weeden: “I haven’t learned how to change a diaper yet. That’s one thing I’m really not looking forward to.” (NewsOK)

OMG Russell Okung’s Super Bowl ring is big. (NewsOK)


Isaiah Austin’s career is over which is really sad. (CBS Sports)

Markel = Shannon Brown meets Allen Ray? That’s a heck of a comp. (B/R)

I forgot that Angel Rodriguez was at The U as well. All the Big 12 castoffs! (Miami Herald)

Simmons calls Smart a “badass” in here and compares him to Eric Bledsoe (which is a bad comparison). (Grantland)

Wowza, Kentucky almost joined the AAC at one point? (CBS Sports)

Marcus won’t go No. 3, will he?! (NewsOK)

Look, Smart was great for OSU but I’m not sure what his elite skill is (defending? grit?) (Tulsa World)


Texas, gone. Virginia and Vandy for the CWS title. Not going to lie, I would have been bummed if Texas had played for the title with the way we handled them all year (won 4 of 6). (Big 12 Sports)

Steve Sabins (OSU baseball coordinator): “The yearly schedule of our kids shows their extreme discipline and commitment to not only each other, but Oklahoma State.” (CRFF)

Cool story on Heaney’s debut and how many family friends he had there to see it. (NewsOK)


Cool interview here with an assistant wrestling coach for OSU. (NewsOK)

Ira Glass and the Taste Gap. Great stuff. (Brain Pickings)

What has to happen for the USMNT to advance. (Deadspin)

Last night really was Bedlam-esque. You could see the dagger coming as Ronaldo let it go and there was nothing you could do to get it back. (Big Lead)


Also amazing.

Here’s the Simmons-Rose stuff on Smart, starts at 34:15.

Mike Trout has a shoe?

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