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Daily Bullets: Cleveland coach said he’d do a flip to get Gilbert

Holliday is cruising, Cobbins is back, and the Big 12 did not have a good draft.




All the guys from the state of Oklahoma picked up by NFL teams. O State North in Cleveland, apparently. Chelf wasn’t picked up, btw. (NewsOK)

Lose a corner, gain a corner. (NewsOK)

Here’s the new corner’s recruiting profile. (247)

ESPN’s take: Overall, he brings great height and length and a physical nature to match up with bigger receivers. He is a prospect with good football smarts who can offer some versatility, and if he can physically hold up, he should be able to contribute early and develop into a strong, well-rounded player in the Cowboys secondary. (ESPN Insider)

The NFL Draft wasn’t kind to Big 12 guys. Texas didn’t have anyone go at all. (ESPN)

The B1G had almost twice as many guys drafted as the Big 12. (CBS Sports)

Utah State is the only team in college football with fewer returning starters than Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

Gilbert is going to look sick in the 21. (Twitter)

Can we “drop the ball” a few more times before August? (CBS Sports)

Is Justin Blackmon done in Jacksonville? In the NFL? Not pretty. (NewsOK)

“I told everyone I’d do a flip off the table if we got you. So I might be calling the trainer here in a minute..” (Browns)

The track record suggests Oklahoma State could be better than anyone is giving them credit for. (ESPN)

Cool interview with Gilbert here. (Browns)


Wow! No Parker-Wiggs-Embiid at the NBA combine. (CBS Sports)

Hilarious photo of Mason, Cobbins, BWill, and Markel sporting their diplomas. (Scout)

Andy Katz on Mike Cobbins returning. (ESPN)


Holliday, cruise control. More on this later today. (NewsOK)

Holliday: “I’m a little jealous with the three sellout crowds we played in front of up here and I hope on Tuesday our fans will come out and show our kids how proud they are of what they’re doing.” (Scout)


No postseason for OSU softball. (Big 12 Sports)

Girls golf lost in a playoff to Florida. Gosh I hate Florida. (okstate)

OSU wrestling has the No. 1 recruiting class. As it should. (okstate)

OSU lost to SC in tennis over the weekend but still had one of its better seasons in recent memory. (Big 12 Sports)

The two worst shots from the Players Championship. (CBS Sports)

Someone needs to intervene. (Big Lead)

T-Mac pitched in a baseball game over the weekend. (Deadspin)

I finished this book over the weekend. Solid, fun read. (Amazon)


Josh Stewart was signed by Tennessee as a free agent.

I saw James Franco and Kat Hudson and laughed but this actually looks decent.

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