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Daily Bullets: Cleveland doesn’t like Gilbert because he plays defense

More on the Murphy transfer, baseball throwback, and the draft was like heroin last night.




It won’t be the most popular pick, because the Browns gave up a chance to draft two playmakers in Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. But it’s a sound pick — and by making two trades, the Browns wound up with the guy they clearly wanted, along with an extra first- and fourth-round pick in 2015. That’s a good haul from the fourth pick, especially if the team believed Gilbert was the guy it wanted. (ESPN)

Pretty crazy that only OSU and TCU had first round picks from Big 12 teams. (Big 12 Conference)

Browns GM: He’s long. He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s a playmaker.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Gilbert: “I had a meeting with them the day before I came to New York. They kind of gave it away (that) they wanted me. I was thinking about it on the way up here.” (NewsOK)

Pretty impressive string of first round picks under Gundy. (Tumblr)

Fair or not, this list starts with the obvious fact that he isn’t an offensive player. That’s why you’re the Browns. (WFNY)

This is cool: Big 12 recruiting if it was done NFL-style instead of college football-style. (ESPN)


I don’t want to be insensitive to the situation but “being closer to family/home” is the reason players always give for leaving. Why does it happen so much to Travis Ford? (Scout)

Murphy’s summer league coach: “He’s just open right now, just seeing who’s interested and all of that. No one school in particular.” (NewOK)

Not only did Oklahoma State get bounced in the opening round of the NCAA tournament after having to scramble just to make it at all, the Cowboys have also hemorrhaged players to the point that their ability to even be competitive in the Big 12 next season is now in doubt. (Yahoo)

Murph: “Words cannot explain the two years I had with these guys. Some I can really call my brothers and I owe most of my success to these guys.” (Tulsa World)

Last year’s No. 8 draft slot (Tavon Austin) is undisclosed but the guy in front of him got $14.6 million and the guy behind him got $12.7 million. (CBS Sports)


There’s a throwback feel to this Oklahoma State baseball team. They find a way to win. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 will likely have six teams make the postseason. (NewsOK)


KD and Westbrook did something on Wednesday night that’s never been done. (Deadspin)

It was RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, Jerry! (Fox SW)

I…just…I don’t know. (Big Lead)

Twitter was heroin last night. My wife was driving back from Houston and I was sitting shotgun just staring at my phone for 150 straight minutes.

Gilbert’s 2013 highlights — except I think they’re not all from 2013.

Todd McShay on Justin Gilbert.

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