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Daily Bullets (Dec. 9): Replacing Jim, Pokes Earning Honors

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order. 



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

OSU Bullets

Leslie O’Neal was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame – two Pokes will be inducted into the OSU Baseball Hall

• Here are some possibilities for replacing Jim Knowles

Malcolm Rodriguez made a couple of All-American teams so farfirst-team with ESPN and second-team with CBS Sports

• Here’s what Mike Gundy is tasked with replacing:

One of the things (Jim) Knowles was known for saying around the OSU compound: “You’ve got to live in your hopes, not your fears.”

He lived in his hopes after taking Gundy’s job offer four years ago. That worked out better than anyone could have imagined.

Now it is Gundy who must live in his hopes of finding the right successor, somehow, to the best defensive coordinator he’ll ever have.


Stop by this podcast to hear some time with a couple of great NBA writers talking about Cade Cunningham’s rookie season (starts at 14:50)

Looking at the similarities/differences between Mike Gundy and Notre Dame’s Marcus Freeman

Love to see this as a P-T alum – how fun for kids to meet these athletes.

Also low-key disappointed for seven-year-old Steven who didn’t get to see R.W. McQuarters or Alonzo Mayes on the playground.

• I don’t know that there’s a better fit of talent and personality than A.J. Ferrari with pro wrestling:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Enjoyed this dive into the Lakers’ dynasty on Kobe and Shaq
• How to rest well
• Some great thoughts from John Piper on the Bethlehem Star (faith-based)

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