Daily Bullets (December 5)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Wrong Place, Right Time

Talk about fortuitous travel plans! Mike Gundy just doing his job and minding his own business worked out well.

“Let’s just say that it got blown way out of proportion to the extent of what people took it, more so than being on the road in recruiting and being in the right location.”

Gundy has since received a raise, as voted on by the school’s board of regents late last week, which will pay him $5 million for the 2018 season. [NewsOK]

“Oh sorry boss, I was just having lunch over in the competition’s cafeteria. In completely unrelated news, wanted to mention they offered to double my salary.”

Color Me Unimpressed

What do San Diego State, Northwestern and South Florida have in common? They’re all teams Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente think are better than Oklahoma State.

They’re ranked 19th in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente had Oklahoma State ranked 23rd on his coaches poll ballot, the lowest of any coach in the poll. [Roanoke Times]

You wonder if Fuente knew he would be playing the Pokes in their bowl game. Put it on the bulletin board, Glenn. *Virginia Tech SID gets repositioned when Gundy quotes in postgame*

OSU and NCAA Notes

Bowl games ranked by watchability….Mike Leach at Tennessee would be must-see TV (Les Miles seems like the fit now)….Jimbo Fisher at Florida State was the picture of milking the school too much….Is OU’s Rodney Anderson in big trouble?….Wichita State is the Gonzaga of the Midwest

Super interesting – how the Playoff would have looked in the BCS era.

Really like the Army digs for the big game this weekend.

Always a good sign!

This looks like something King Solomon would have had – incredible.

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  • Mullet Power

    the Fuente ranking of OSU…. meh
    he still had VaTech behind OSU. He probably watched the K-state shit-show and placed us accordingly.
    Mike Leach’s ballot is interesting to say the least (USC 3rd?)

    And how bout TCU making the pretend playoff in back-to-back seasons? impressive

  • Tayvl

    OSU-VaTech got beat in the watchability rankings by Arizona-Purdue in the Foster Farms Bowl. Hard to argue with that…

  • Adam M.

    Well it’s a good thing they kept the Rodney Anderson issues under wraps until the conference title was sealed up. ?

    • Poke Joke

      I fully expect the OU administration to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. So thorough that it takes until AFTER the playoffs are over.

      • Bernice

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  • SCPokes

    How about Beaty popping in UCF at number 6!

  • Erick

    Lol at Mike Leach having Wazzu at #11. That’s why i pay no attention to the coaches poll.