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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Feb. 24): Bedlam’s Double-Bonus, Collin Clay Excitement (But Not Yet Eligible)



Hail to Viktor!

Bullets Rundown

• Double bonus in Bedlam
• The dream special teams hire
• Collin Clay looking great


• BB: Pokes 8, UT RGV 4
• WBB: TCU 49, Cowgirls 37
• Wrestling: Iowa 34, Pokes 6
• WT: Cowgirls 4, South Carolina 2

OSU Bullets

• Here’s an added bonus from Saturday’s win over the Sooners:

(Mike) Boynton’s basketball team blasted the Sooners 83-66 in a game that drew the Cowboys into NIT contention and sent arch-rival OU perilously close to the same. [NewsOK]

Taking a stab at the Sooners’ resume is more fun than inching the Pokes towards the NIT, right?

The ever-evasive special teams coach Mike Gundy refuses to hire: he has a name and he was on staff in Stillwater.

No updates on the immediate eligibility of Arkansas-transfer Collin Clay but plenty of encouraging news after getting him on campus.

When first evaluated by OSU in high school, Collin weighed around 240 pounds. He graduated listed at 255. Now, he’s nearly 300 pounds.

“His body’s completely different,” Gundy said. “His maturity level’s completely different. He’ll be a guy that we should be able to get 40-45 plays out of him a game.” [NewsOK]

Throw in a comment that Mike Gundy hasn’t seen a kid become immediately eligible after his coach was fired and you’ve got a significant impact on a premium position this fall.

This was peak Oklahoma State sports – GIA howling for a basketball win over the Sooners.

• This is an encouraging observation about Spencer Sanders – just a step slow with his reads but he’s in the right ballpark.

Good for Travis Ford – he appears to have found a school (and level of basketball) he can thrive at

Non-OSU Bullets

• A solid conclusion to the debate on reclining in your airplane seat – ask first?

• Finished this fiction book over the weekend (the third in the series) – all three are great reads. This review has some spoilers on the series but they’re set in the early-mid 1900s in rural Iowa.

• I liked this quote from James Clear:

“When failure is expensive, plan carefully. When failure is cheap, act quickly.”

• A little heady but an interesting read for finance folks on why the 30-year-mortgage isn’t great

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