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Daily Bullets (February 3)



The Nation Invades Big 12 Country

But the Big 12’s talent drain from the state of Texas remains a big problem for the league. A conference can only get picked apart at home for so long before it ceases to be a regional recruiting base.

The closer a school is located to players, the more the college coaches know them, their families and their high school coaches. Think about the consequences for the SEC if it lost this many elite players year after year in Florida and Georgia, or the problems for the Big Ten if it consistently let far too many talented players get out of Ohio and Pennsylvania. [CBS]

I do wonder if this is a harbinger for a future where the Big 12 ceases to exist. Also, how many years until the “we’re Texas” mantra doesn’t fly anymore?

OSU Takes On Edinboro

Tonight, when Edinboro welcomes top-ranked and unbeaten Oklahoma State on its home mat, the 17th-ranked Matthews will be part of the action. His 165-pound matchup against the Cowboys’ seventh-ranked Chandler Rogers will be one of six meetings between ranked wrestlers.

Oklahoma State (10-0) is loaded, sending out a lineup that includes five returning or former All-Americans, including unbeaten defending NCAA champion Dean Heil at 141. Every Cowboys starter is ranked 12th or higher, and nine are in the top 10.

“It’s a big deal,” said 11th-ranked 149-pounder Patricio Lugo, who will meet Oklahoma State’s third-ranked Anthony Collica. “I want to see where I’m at against the best guys, and try to beat the best guys, and be at the top of the podium in March.” [Go Erie]

Edinboro, eh? Good luck.

Cowgirls Talk Bedlam

“As a child, I always just preferred this atmosphere,” Jentry Holt said. “I really felt the family atmosphere outside of (the program), but when I got in it, the staff and players really showed me what it was like.”

Holt said she recalls how exciting the games were, watching OSU and its rival battle it out. “I just remember seeing how fired up both teams were, from the players on the bench to the coaches,” Holt said. [O’Colly]

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t prefer this to that.

Keiton and Phil Talk Records

Phil says when he was in HS, he couldn’t believe how Keiton was doing it at the level he was doing it at.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Former OSU player Cecil Wilson died at age 49 (those glasses!) … Fun look at the hometowns of OSU’s 2017 class here … Robert Allen ranks OSU’s recruiting class No. 3 in the Big 12 … The SEC is lapping everybody when it comes to revenue … Tracin Wallace could be our J.W. of the future.

Gundy reads the paper.

Yes he does.

Rickie Fowler did the #SaltBae at Phoenix yesterday.

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