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Daily Bullets: Football is sneaking up on us

Marcus Smart’s debut, what Cobbins is up to, and the best wrestler you maybe haven’t heard of.




Ah yes, the football pieces have already started. Here are 10 guys who could have breakout seasons. I think I’m most intrigued by Flowers, Samples, and Jacobs. (NewsOK)

A 2015 recruit regurgitating something it doesn’t sound like Gundy would ever say: “They said I’m the No. 1 guy they want to come in and play. They said a chance at the spot will be there, all I have to do is come in and take it.” (NewsOK)

Parker Graham on John Harbaugh: He is a very player-oriented coach, a lot like Coach Gundy. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” (Scout)

Jaylon Lane is OSU’s only recruit at the big Nike event in Oregon this week. Bama has 10. (247)

DGB to OU and he’s trying to play this year. Weeee! (NewsOK)

Joe Randle on being a good running back: “You are ripping it out of their chest. There is nothing better than just pounding the ball. That’s why I’m a running back. I could have went to college and played corner and probably been drafted in the first round. But I went and did it my way. That’s what it is all about, doing it your way, and I’m happy with the outcome that I got.” A first-round corner? (Catch It Kansas)

This playoff with OSU history is excellent. (Tulsa World)

Pistol Pete better bring his big-boy lunch pail to AT&T Stadium. (ESPN)

Pretty sad stuff here — one of Tracy Moore’s buddies, a girl named Morgan Mitchell passed away at the age of 19. (Tulsa World)

Kejuan Jones is married to an MMA fighter. (Stormin’ In Norman)


Smart on his coaches during his first summer league game after he missed some shots: “You can still do you. Just play ball and have fun. Just go out there. And that’s what I did. I just decided to go play.” (Boston Globe)

Avery Bradley is still the best on-ball defender on the team, but Smart is really good off the ball. (Celtics Blog)

Smart on his best basketball moment: “I’d probably have to say my 39-point game against Memphis at home. As an athlete and competitor, it’s the ultimate feeling to have that type of game, in the type of environment that Oklahoma State had.” (NewsOK)

Cobbins on what he’s been doing to help his squad: I’ve been trying to point out things that can help them down the line. Right now, some people might be doing some things that won’t fly in games during the Big 12. So I’ve been pointing out little things like that to help them correct those little mistakes.” (Talequah Daily Press)


Cool story about the 97-year-old who wrestled at Oklahoma A&M. “He lost one match, and avenged it later. All the old-timers I talk to consider him – without exception – one of the top four or five wrestlers of all time.” (Coloradoan)

Still have those three sponsorship opportunities open. Let me know if you’re interested (kyle dot goodwin dot porter at gmail dot com). (PFB)

Here’s a look at all the Oklahoma guys playing in the US Senior Open. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel drove a Ferrari. (NewsOK)

Finished this book over the weekend. It was fine, not really worth your time, probably. (Amazon)

This is hilarious: 10 tricks to appear smarter than you are. (Medium)

The difference between money and wealth. (Brain Pickings)

He matters to American soccer forever because of this match. We lost, but he still saved us. (Grantland)

Still have some shirts for sale. Summer sale = $10. (PFB)

The whiffff. (Deadspin)

This is the most Jenni Carlson story ever. And it’s a good one. (NewsOK)

It’s been so fun.


One of the best sporting events I’ve ever watched.

Looks awesome.

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