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Daily Bullets: Golf goes for 11th title

Marcus Smart has been working on his jumper, great baseball video, Weeden gets going again.




I bet you can’t guess who OSU’s most indispensable player is. (ESPN)

Everyone gets a Bama QB. (CBS Sports)

The ultimate Big 12 road trip. Nobody going to OSU-FSU. (ESPN)

The new OSU turf cost more than Hart Lee Dykes got to come to college (probably). (Tulsa World)

Weeden sounds like he’s cranking again. I bet he just weeps when he sees 8s lined up out wide. (ESPN)

I feel like Georgia and South Carolina play six times a year. (CBS Sports)

Weeden: “I just have to prepare like I’m going to play sometime down the road.” (Tulsa World)

Barry Sanders sure is available these days. That’s not a bad thing, just way different from his playing days. (NewsOK)

Goodness, we just have nothing coming back. The only Big 12 team with less than 40 percent of its total tackles returning. (ESPN)


#closertohome #closertohome (Twitter)

This is an excellent question. It’s going to be Le’Bryan and……….? (Rant Sports)


The Big 12 finished the regular season with the second-best conference RPI in the nation, all nine of its teams in the NCAA RPI top 100 and six squads in the NCAA RPI top 40. (Big 12 Sports)

Here’s a quick preview of our regional. (PFB)

Josh Holliday says he’s taking Binghamton very seriously. Good idea. (NewsOK)

Speaking of Binghamton, here’s how they got to Stillwater. (Press Connects)

Here are the photos from the Big 12 title game. (Flickr)


Here’s my feature on playing golf with Rickie Fowler. (CBS Sports)

And some of the leftovers. (PFB)

Alan Bratton on the title match today: It starts all over so it’s more of the same, and your goal is to have putts to win the hole so your opponent doesn’t dictate anything that you’re doing and take the momentum in the match.” (Golf Channel)

Wyndham Clark on Mike McGraw: It’s gotta be hard for him, because I bet you he wants his team to win but he also wants us to win because he recruited all of us. He’s been like a father figure to us.” (Golf Channel)

Talor Gooch: You come to college wanting to win a national championship. That’s why we come to Oklahoma State, because Oklahoma State wins national championships.” (Golfweek)

Gooch: “I had pressure from the beginning, but that is what I wanted. That is why Coach sent me out first. He expected me to go out there and take the lead and get some confidence in the boys behind me.” (NewsOK)

This putt was insane. (Instagram)

The four weeks the Cowboys have spent in the top 10 marks the most top-10 appearances they have had in any indoor or outdoor season. (okstate)

Royce Young got a job at which is just the best. Good on him. (Daily Thunder)

LeBron to the Thunder would be just…wow. (Deadspin)

Deadspin has a soccer site. Wow. (Deadspin)

Marcus doing Marcus. Been working on that J, I see. When does he pick a shoe company?

This is tremendous.

Soon. And this commercial is incredible.

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