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Daily Bullets: Has anyone actually seen Kyle Orton?

I believe that you will read these Bullets.




Daytawion Lowe on the NFL: They are a lot more mature and a lot more smarter. They understand the game a whole lot better. People are not making mistakes out there. Guys are a lot faster and stronger. It is coming a whole lot quicker.” (Scout)

Is Glenn Spencer overpaid? (PFB)

Cool post here on Calvin Barnett and how he’s trying to make the Browns. (Rivals)

David Ubben on what Charlie Strong is really like. (Fox SW)

Why this OU team is different. Really. (Stormin in Norman)

How Brandon Weeden fits in with Dallas depends entirely on Kyle Orton. I agree…also, where the heck is Orton? I imagine him to be in a fishing boat near Antigua with a beard like Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway. Somebody tweet me a pic if you see him in the wild. (NewsOK)

If the Cowboys managed to scoop up Lewis, too, they would have an incoming cornerback tandem that would be the envy of the Big 12, and perhaps the country. (ESPN)


Did you know…Marcus Smart and Shaq are the only two basketball players to wear No. 36 for the Celts? (NewsOK)

Smart: I grew up being that type of person, willing to do whatever it takes. I want to shut down my opponent, or at least try. That’s the person I am and I take a lot of pride in that.” (Celtics Blog)

On Smart’s Draft suit: He looked ready for both basketball and to take your daughter to a high school dance. (Grantland)


Really cool story on Rob Walton — I didn’t know how good he was in high school. (North Jersey)

All of the baseball superlatives (which is a lot). (okstate)


Summer sale on PFB shirts. Get one here for $10. (PFB)

Big 12 has a new website, it’s not that impressive. (Big 12 Sports)

It also has this which is…something…I don’t know what yet. (One True Champ)

Then you realize the world’s greatest minds haven’t always worked for Apple. (NewsOK)

This Djokovic exchange cracked me up. (Deadspin)

Gordon Hayward on the Thunder would be awesome. (Daily Thunder)

Have had a handful of leads on this but I’m going to keep posting it until we’re solidified. You can sponsor PFB this fall for not very much money. (PFB)

Good listen here between Clay Travis and Paul Pabst on sports media, ESPN, and the World Cup. (Fox Sports)

The email newsletter is making a comeback (don’t call it a comeback). (NYT)

This by David Sedaris on the Fitbit is hilarious and good. (New Yorker)

Two books I recently finished were both very good. (Seven | Sisters Brothers)

Oh boy..

This is insane (via Matt Norlander).


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