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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: Holder on letting the big dog eat

Markel happy to be in Brooklyn, Le’Bryan snubbed, and the US Senior Open heads to Oak Tree.




Holder doing Holder so hard here: When you start taking the cover off the big stick in your golf bag, the driver, and letting the big dog eat all of the time you better watch out because there is some trouble lurking out there.” Tremendous interview, btw. (Scout)

How about Gundy being ahead of the curve on concussions in college football regarding how often OSU has live contact practices? (Yahoo)

OSU is recruiting traditionally well this year which it really hasn’t in the past. (ESPN)

Some important dates to circle on the calendar. (PFB)

Bob Griffin is getting a statue for going 10-3 at Baylor and beating Kansas by one in overtime. (Fox SW)

These five question pieces are really, really funny. (okstate)

Everybody made a watch list. (Big 12 Sports)


Markel: “I’m happy where I landed. This is a great organization. Being out here surrounded by some great veterans, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I think I’m in a great position.” Also, the things he will do to Mason Plumlee in a dunk contest will be NSFW. (NewsOK)

Rondo on the Cs drafting Smart: I don’t think nothing of it. I am who I am.” Weee! (Boston Globe)

Plumlee2Brown. (NBA)

Marcus was 3/15 from the field on Monday and 1/5 from three but his coaches told him to keep shooting as much as he could. (Boston)

Here’s an interview with Marcus where he talks about dudes getting under his skin and trying to be a leader for the Celtics. (NBA)

Le’Bryan wasn’t invited to tbe LeBron skills camp? (Big 12 Sports)


Scott Verplank: It’s totally different. I was gone last week and I can’t believe how much it has changed in a week – with the extra ropes and tents. Its great. The golf course is fantastic and it’s the first time I’ve walked nine holes out here with slacks on in I don’t know how long.” (Muskogee Phoenix)

Two OSU guys will wrestle in the University World Championships. (Tulsa World)

I guess I wasn’t aware that Oak Tree National was supposed to host the 1994 PGA Championship. (KFOR)

Still have those three sponsorships available for football season. (PFB)

Oak Tree president: Yes, it does help to know this course. The guys from around here know just about everything there is to know about playing Oak Tree. But you still have to be playing well that week or all of that local knowledge doesn’t do you any good.” (Tulsa World)

DeAndre Yedlin to FC Roma? (Big Lead)

I did a long piece comparing Jack Nicklaus and Roger Federer yesterday. (CBS Sports)

The inventor of the floppy disk has more than 3,000 patents to his name, and he says that the closer he is to death, the more creative he gets. (Fast Company)

Looks awesome.

So good.

I really hope they do another one with Gundy turning the lights out this year.

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