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Daily Bullets: Holliday wants guys to ‘fall in love’ with OSU

Super Regionals start tonight, BCS-era Big 12 bracket, and it’s been 15 years since OSU has been to Omaha.




Holliday:We’re together. We get to keep playing. We get to keep wearing this uniform. Wherever they send us or whatever happens, we’re going to embrace it, man. Because the alternative is not being together. And the alternative – whew – that’s hard to think about.” (Big 12 Sports)

How cool would it be if half the field in Omaha was Big 12 teams? (Star-Telegram)

Interesting theory here from Holliday on why he doesn’t focus on Juco transfers: “We made the decision when we were hired to build this team through youth, and to do it the right way, so that we could hopefully establish long-term sustainability within the program. Kids playing here for three and four years and graduating and falling in love with Oklahoma State. And they wear this uniform with a lot of pride.” (NewsOK)

Can you guys believe it’s been 15 years since we went to Omaha? I was in middle school! I remember that team had LaMont Matthews on it and was just so awesome. Would love to see a repeat this year. (NCAA)

Great Super Regional preview here by Aaron Schnautz. (PFB)

Some cool pics from Super Regional practice. (Flickr)

OSU’s Friday guy has changed…again. (NewsOK)


Oklahoma State has not very many players on Phil Steele’s All-Big 12 preseason list. (CRFF)

Good post here from Berry on how big the business of college football is and why Nick Saban isn’t overpaid. (NewsOK)

Replica Lego stadiums selling on Etsy. I’m in! (CBS Sports)

Like we’ve been saying, the sample size on OSU’s turnover margin is large enough to draw conclusions that it’s an area that OSU excels at, not just luck. (ESPN)

This 16-team BCS-era Big 12 playoff is outstanding. OSU got a rough draw with the 8-seed and faces 2003 OU. Wow! (ESPN)

Devon Thomas charged for three felonies. (Tulsa World)


Speaking of being paid a lot of money. Calipari just got $52 million. (CBS Sports)

I answered some of your Twitter questions yesterday. (PFB)


Boone, GOAT. (PFB)

Good stuff here from Royce on the Thunder’s future. (Daily Thunder)

Haha, Tim Duncan Face is the greatest. (Big Lead)

This on our obsession with sports Twitter is solid. (Big Lead)

This looks good.


This is excellent as well.

Photo Attribution: OSU Athletics

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