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Daily Bullets (Jan. 12): Mike Gundy Swaps Football Staffer



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

Mike Gundy made a rare staff change – swapping Greg Richmond for a former Big Ten position coach (PFB)

Looking at OSU ties with this weekend’s NFL playoff games approaching (PFB)

Ollie Gordon won the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award (PFB)

• Fun to read a Mason Rudolph conversation with OSU staff from back in 2014: 

With two games remaining, the Cowboys needed one win. Gundy, who had been reluctant to burn Rudolph’s redshirt after Walsh’s injury, needed a quarterback.

“If you want to play, we’ll start you,” Gundy remembers saying. “If you don’t want to play, I certainly understand.”

“I’ll play,” Rudolph answered, without hesitation.

“Are you sure?” Gundy asked. “It’s going to burn your year.’”

“Coach, I want to play,” Rudolph responded. “I came here to be the quarterback. I want to play.”

[The Athletic $$$]

• Marcus Smart is spending some time out with a finger injury (CBS Sports)

• Mason Rudolph is one of five Big 12 alums hanging in the NFL playoffs: 

Non-OSU Bullets

• Why this guy decided to quit social media (faith-based)
• Fun concept – the best 53-man NFL roster you could construct with the salary cap in mind

Warren Buffett’s mentor gave him some advice on anger: 

Forty years ago, Tom gave me one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. He said, “Warren, you can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow.” It’s such an easy way of putting it. You haven’t missed the opportunity. Just forget about it for a day. If you feel the same way tomorrow, tell them then—but don’t spout off in a moment of anger.”

[Getting There]

Why iPhone’s “reminders” app is awesome: 


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