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Daily Bullets (Jan. 13): Trusting the Seniors, Tylan Among His Peers



Make a spot and bring back Todd.

Bullets Rundown

• Trust the seniors
• Tylan ranks amongst returning receivers
• Joe DeFo update


• WBB: Baylor 94, OSU 48
• Wrestling: OSU 36, Northern Colorado 3

OSU Bullets

• The solution for the stagnant Cowboy offense is relatively simple – trust the guys who have been there to get you out of it (the seniors).

And it gets worse. The guys who should be steadying the squad, pulling the Cowboys up and out of their sinking status – the team’s seniors – are mired deepest in the funk.

That’s a problem.

And unless and until Lindy Waters, Thomas Dziagwa and Cam McGriff find their mojo and start shooting straight, things aren’t getting better, even as we swear things can’t get any worse. [Pokes Report]

Do you want that “funk” quantified?

Waters is shooting a career-low 38.4 percent from the floor; 25.0 percent in conference play. He’s shooting just 30.2 percent from 3-point range; 19.0 percent in three Big 12 games. And he’s the team’s most capable scorer.

The numbers for McGriff (40.9 overall/33.0 Big 12; 22.5/20.0 3-point) and Dziagwa (38.7/18.2 and 39.2/20.0) are equally startling. [Pokes Report]

• I find this hard to believe but PFF has Tylan Wallace ranked as their sixth-best returning receiver in college football. 

In 2018, Wallace was used extensively as a downfield threat, owning an average depth of target of 17.4 yards and hauling in the most 20-plus yard catches in the country. However, this past season, his average depth of target dipped by six yards.

Still, he proved to be a threat underneath and after the catch by becoming the only receiver in college football to generate a perfect passer rating of 158.3 on underneath targets. [Pro Football Focus]

This will be something the 2020 season hinges on, right? When OSU plays Iowa State in Stillwater, I’m not sure a gameplan of bubble screens are going to seal a win. Spencer Sanders has to develop as a thrower and start to hit Tylan and Co. deep.

• I’ll be watching but I agree the CFB Final does have some flaws

• Digging through some news in college football and ran across our old friend Joe DeForest, special times coach under Gundy. 

In December, USC dismissed special teams coach John Baxter and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast while outside linebackers coach Joe DeForest left to join the North Carolina State coaching staff. The Trojans now have two full-time spots on the coaching staff to fill. []

So DeForest went from Stillwater -> West Virginia -> Kansas -> Southern Cal -> NC State. DeForest will join his old boss (formerly West Virginia DC) Tony Gibson at NC State.

• Congrats to the Cowboy coaching legend on making it to the Hall of Fame (not Eddie sadly)

Tough aspect of OSU’s all-decade basketball team – three of five played together and didn’t make it out of the first round (Thanks Trav)

• Goodness – $1m per year for 20 years for the Cowboy alum. They call that one heck of a career, folks.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Three theories for why you have no time
• Look in the obvious places first
• Finished the newest John Grisham-read over the weekend – It’s not The Reckoning but it’s good. An elite version of Gray Mountain.

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