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Daily Bullets: Josh Holliday feels people don’t appreciate OSU

OSU-FSU is a big-time ticket, what Marcus Smart does well, Russell dunking and dunking and dunking, and a proposal on library lawn.




Josh Holliday: “(Irvine) probably have great energy. So do we. Look what we just did. Look what we’ve been doing all year. Our kids feel like people don’t appreciate us and what we’ve done and I kind of agree with them to be honest with you.” (Rivals)

Saul Saxon: “It’s pretty cool to see everybody coming out and it’s going to be a great atmosphere I imagine. For the last time we get to play at Allie P., it’s pretty special.” (NewsOK)

Good UC Irvine breakdown here. (CRFF)

Baseball is making the Big 12 proud because, well, something needs to. (NewsOK)

My picks: OSU, Houston, Kennesaw, Vandy, Tech, TCU, Louisiana, and Virginia. (ESPN)

The Super Regional sold out in 90 minutes. (NewsOK)


OSU-FSU is the sixth-most expensive college football ticket next year. Via Orange Power. (NBC)

Ugh, Josh Stewart looks like he’s injured pretty badly. (NewsOK)

The headline here is semi-sarcastic but yeah, OU as the 2-5 Big 12 favorite, get out of here with that. (PFB)

Roll $6.5 million a year and still wildly underpaid. (CBS Sports)

Oklahoma State punted on 42.1 percent of its drives, which ranks No. 7 in the Big 12 and No. 84 nationally. (ESPN)

Here’s the wedding cake shaped like a Big 12 title ring. (PFB)

Jimmie Tramel sets about to rank the best-looking coaches in the Big 12. Which is the best thing ever. (Tulsa World)

Weeden on Tony Romo: “I’m just trying to get a feel for what he thinks, why he does certain things. He’s an extremely successful quarterback and a very smart guy. I’d be crazy not to take everything I can from him.” (ESPN)

Berry is correct here, FSU’s non-con schedule is a monster. (NewsOK)

Nobody likes OSU-FSU as the Big 12’s best non-con game. (ESPN)


Here’s everything I got on Markel. (PFB)

Travis Ford is not listed as a top 75 coach by ESPN. (ESPN)

This is fascinating on Smart: His rebound rate is very good for a point guard, and historically that’s been a surprisingly important indicator at the position. Smart’s free throw rate is also a big plus. Strong, quick point guards have tended to be more effective in the NBA than in college. (ESPN Insider)

This is tremendous, which schools and conferences breed the most all-stars. (CBS Sports)

Gottlieb to Montana State! For an event at which he’s speaking… (MSU)


Oklahoma State is doing well on the PGA Tour this season but Georgia, my gosh, Georgia. (Rivals Cup)

Things hiding in sports logos. (Mental Floss)

Can we break free from the fear of missing out…? (Aeon)

Hell of a headline here. (Screamer)

Pretty cool, couple gets engaged by Edmon Low.

Here are all the Super Regional interviews.

30 Russell Westbrook dunks. Via Big Lead.


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