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Daily Bullets: Josh Holliday talks about OSU’s regional

OSU get a raw deal at NCAAs, Josh Holliday does not care.




Brandon Weeden is one of the top storylines to watch out of Dallas Cowboys OTAs. I think this the part where I’m supposed to make a Tony Romo joke. (Fox SW)


My Hoiberg lust is high. (Sports Illustrated)


My biggest takeaway from this was “Darrin Erstad coaches Nebraska?!?!” (NewsOK)

Holliday on his monster draw: “Congratulations to the teams that got them (national seeds) obviously. They had great seasons. The body of work that they put together is available to look at in terms of teams that competed in great conferences and had great wins. I think our kids did the same thing.” In other words…”screw you, NCAA.” (NewsOK)

Five Big 12 teams got in. WVU was one of the first four out. (Big 12 Sports)

Texas and Texas A&M, you can hide no more. (Dallas Morning News)

More from Holliday: I’ve never been told that they pair up 1 and 16 or 2 and 15. If that is the case then that is the way they view us, then so be it. Then it is what it is, congratulations to all the national seeds and their resumes speak highly of what they’ve done but so does ours.” (Scout)

The battle for Gina Mizell’s heart! (NewsOK)

Some good baseball talk here. A Brad Beanblossom reference! (ESPN)

Wow, this is Nebraska’s first NCAA appearance since 2008. (Grand Island Independent)


Oklahoma State gets Georgia Tech in the quarterfinals today. (Golf Channel)

Rickie Fowler participated in the Patriot’s Cup on Monday. (NewsOK)

A good quote from Fowler here: “Golf is a great way for everyone to get together, it doesn’t matter how good, how bad, how old. If you have three limbs or four limbs, we can all come out here, come together and have a good day, especially on Memorial Day.” (Tulsa World)

I really enjoyed this on a bunch of real scouts giving profanity-laced takes on the top four guys in the draft. The one on Wiggins vs. Kobe is intense. (Grantland)

You can help out Amilian here by buying a Barry Sanders/Thurman Thomas plaque. (Twitter)

Phil Mickelson thinks he’ll win “at least” one US Open. 🙂 (CBS Sports)

The best goals in US World Cup history. Pretty cool. (Big Lead)

On not seeking out disparaging comments (more profanity…all the profanity today). I liked this. (Austin Kleon)

Love that jacket.

That 6-step handshake they do at the end is awesome. Gun show, too.

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