Daily Bullets (July 17)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Behold Gundy

USA Today did a fantastic piece on Gundy – with some interesting details.

During a visit in his office at Boone Pickens Stadium last spring, the coach pointed out the window at Gallagher-Iba Arena, which houses the athletic department’s administrative offices.

“People get mad at me about something all the time,” he said. “The people in this building right over there? Hell, they stay mad at me 24/7. They’ll eventually run me off. They’ll get tired of me and run me off. But it is what it is.”

That prospect seems much less likely after that contract extension and raise last month, and what appears to be a thawing in those key relationships. [USA Today]


And here he is confirming the marketing genius:

“The people I’m targeting, 17-, 18-year-olds, that gets their attention,” Gundy said. “They put me on as a (Twitter) follower. … And if I can get him in here on a visit, you never know. That’s the reason I do that stuff. Notre Dame can walk into a school and they have the ‘ND’ on their shirt and they get instant marketing. Well, I haven’t gotten to that point. So we have to really think about and work on what we do.

“The question is, once we get started, I don’t want myself to be bigger than our team. We have to find some happy medium there.” [USA Today]

I can’t wait for the day when a recruit attributes his signature to the mullet or a shared love for snake hunting.

Up Next

Mike Boynton shared his thoughts on who will be replacing Jawun running the point this winter: grad transfer Kendall Smith.

Someone who can be a facilitator and help the other guys on the team get better. Also brings some athleticism to our backcourt that we definitely didn’t have in past seasons. He brings some more size, so I’m really excited about what he’s gonna bring and how he’s gonna contribute to our program, even though it’s only gonna be one year. [NewsOK]

While hyped freshman Zack Dawson will have his chances, Smith feels like he’ll contribute similar to an Anthony Hickey: solid, steady contributor that can score.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Big 12 storylines to keep an eye on this week at Big 12 Media Days….Talking head Tim Cowlishaw (“Around the Horn”) thinks OSU should have been the conference favorite….Oregon kicked off their leading receiver because of a DUI….Air Force coach wants a playoff…for a playoff spot

Happy (day late) 49th to Barry, Sr. 

That progression from Tim Beckman -> Bill Young -> Glenn Spencer though…

FYI if you’re following Big 12 media days today:

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  • kspokesfan

    It’s a shame Barry didn’t have a chance to play on a championship caliber team.

    • Forever 14

      1988 team wasn’t exactly chopped liver.

    • Lokeasy

      They would’ve been championship caliber if it weren’t for Gundy being so conservative!! We should have gone out and got Troy Aikman to transfer in for his senior year but we stuck with Gundy like we always do

      He’s just the worst (or best ever depending on your grasp on reality)

  • OrangeTuono

    What’s shocking is this is absolutely true… We have a bunch of delusional “administrators” (think about that, they’re paper pushers for heaven’s sake) that have the audacity to create a hostile working AND public environment with the best football head coach to ever set foot on the Oklahoma State campus. Many of them are nieces and nephews of major boosters and are folks that have never had to “get it done” on their own merits.

    Gundy needs to keep up the pressure to take care of football program that he has built, and continually force the “paper pushers” to do the right thing.

    Hopefully this changes with the new AD. I really hope Holder doesn’t create any more personnel issues before he wanders off into the orange sunset.

    What do you want to bet an administrator gets a statue on campus before Barry Sanders… Makes me throw up a little in my mouth…

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Thanks to all the Air Force Falcons for their service to our country!!!

    With that said, whomever among them first thought of a playoff spot for a playoff spot needs to close the canopy when flying at high altitude and wear their oxygen mask!!!! :-/

  • Mark

    The comparison stats between Bill Young’s defense and Glenn Spencer’s is nothing I didn’t expect to see. I’ve often thought about that. But that doesn’t make either coach a bad one in my book.

    • ckb24

      I think they both had different philosophies on how a defense should be ran. That should be taken into account. They certainly are not apples to apples…

      • Ak47

        Idk by glens own comments he measures his defense by yards per play. I think it’s very interesting. I would assume if he doesn’t pick it up this year he may be let go.