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Daily Bullets (June 11): Big Time Twins Commit to Kasey Dunn, Join Two Other Commits From Yesterday



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Happy birthday to my kid sister-turned-woman – I’m so proud that you’ll be at OSU this fall and finished up your associates, have a great day!

OSU Bullets

• Pumped to see the shoe finally dropped on the twin receivers for Allen, Texas yesterday who committed to the Pokes.

If you’re interested – here’s how they compare to a few twins from the DFW-area a few years back (Tylan Wallace and Tracin Wallace vs. Bryson Green and Blaine Green):

  • To speak candidly, Bryson is more like Tylan – the four-star that’s received more press than his twin.
  • While Bryson is more highly ranked (top-250 player), the gap between he and his twin brother Blaine is much smaller (.9082 vs. .8895) than Tylan was ahead of his twin brother Tracin (.9442 vs. .8570).

Also – quick update on the multi-sport tally – now the number is at nine of ten commits that play other sports as well.

•…And yesterday’s rush on commitments for the OSU 2021 football class continued when the Pokes landed a three-star, two-way player from North Texas and a three-star Tulsa tackle

• After the NCAA ruled OSU’s current roster can transfer without penalty, it’s sort of open season on Mike Boynton’s squad ?

As part of Jeff Goodman’s podcast taped Monday (definitely worth a listen by the way), Mike Boynton said that “probably 20” schools have reached out to his junior guard.

In fact, Boynton said all of his guys have been reached out to. That includes the No. 1 player in the 2020 class Cade Cunningham, who Boynton mentioned had already dealt with the G League before choosing to play at OSU. [PFB]

• CBS has OSU with the weakest schedule (by far) in Big 12 Football

• The Oak Tree National (GolfDigest’s No. 60 course in the country) course record seems impressive. It looks like this guy is most likely sticking around for another year, big win for the Pokes.

• Here’s another unbiased third-party going to bat for the Pokes’ appeal to the NCAA:

• If fate can just get out of this guy’s way, he’ll go far.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Here are some Father’s Day ideas if you’re looking (the day is coming on up on 6/21)
• Inhaled my annual John Grisham book – this was a fun summer read if you’re headed to a beach
This Belgium man is essentially the Bobby Bonilla of pizza deliveries

This is a great example of an athlete using his platform to educate and inform – something sorely needed on the topic.

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