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Daily Bullets (June 20): Most Viewed of the Week, Adapting the Cowboy Culture



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Three Thoughts

Something that Cowboy Football is doing right is for Gundy and his staff to start having intentional conversations with their players about how racial differences impact the players’ experience. Given the number of African American coaches in the sport – there’s a lot of ground to be covered.

College football was not made for Black players in the makeup of the men who lead them. A major college football head coach is often the highest paid state employee if his school is public. Even if it’s not, he’s likely the most front-facing person of his university…
If the 2020 season kicks off, there will be 14 Black head coaches out of 128 FBS programs. According to NCAA research, Black players make up roughly half of all football players. [USA Today]

It’d be interesting to hear how the assistant coach numbers breakdown – it’s three African-Americans to seven Caucasians in Stillwater. Starting from an understanding that there’s differences, talking those through, and adapting the “Cowboy Culture” to be more accommodating would be a win for all.

• I don’t know if this is Chuba-inspired or just the current moment – but here’s some change.

• PFB isn’t a perfect site (shocker) but this YouTube post (also below) and the message behind it is a large reason why it’s a great place to get your news and commentary – covering OSU sports with enough humility to admit where we’re wrong and a willingness to hear others’ views.

Two Quotes

• As much hand-wringing there is about Mike Gundy and Co. not trying to fill the tank with four-stars, it’s not unusual for the stronger, non-Texas/OU teams to strategically avoid those recruiting battles.

There’s a fairly consistent pecking order in recruiting and the strong little 8 schools don’t make their bones by repeatedly trying to beat the big 2 or elite out of state poachers for blue chip recruits. Instead their method is often to recruit to a system, pick off a few blue chips that they get in with early or have a good sales pitch for, grab a few more via transfer, and otherwise rely on evaluation to find potential stars amongst the 3-star ranks. [Concerning Sports]

As much as I’d love to see Gundy load up for bear, I think he should be lauded for being better at evaluating talent available to the non-bluebloods and being able to climb to the top of that middle-tier consistently. 

• I think this is a pretty fair assessment of head coach Mike Gundy.

At his best, Gundy is what every school wants — a former quarterback hero and head football coach who wins consistently and usually has a high approval rating.

At his worst, Gundy is a high-maintenance, angry employee who wears an OAN T-shirt at the worst possible time. [TulsaWorld]

One Question

• How different would this off-season have been without the Covid-19 crisis?

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