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Daily Bullets (June 23): A Fun OSU News Day!



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OSU Bullets

• The fun started with Cade Cunningham shocking the basketball world by confirming his commitment to Oklahoma State – all the rumblings and predictions were Cade-to-STW

Seeing quotes like this tell you Cade just gets it:

PFB surveys what Cade turned down to don the orange and black

The “Eddie” (Sutton) documentary will be displayed on ESPN for God and everybody to see – a big win and a must for a story like Coach’s

• Part of what makes Mike Boynton such an incredible fit at Oklahoma State isn’t that he adapted to the school, it’s that he fits the program he took over.

Within hours of (Cade) Cunningham having stated that he’s “loyal and true,” Boynton wore a “Loyal & True” shirt.

Was it happenstance or a calculated play by the Cowboy coach?

“It’s not the first time I’ve worn this T-shirt,” Boynton explained, “but yeah, I’m conscious very much with what’s going on out here. This shirt and the words on it — it’s not just a shirt with words on it. They have meaning to me and they have meaning to our program. I’m glad our players truly believe in it.” [TulsaWorld]

I’d say we’re all pretty aware of what a t-shirt says at this point and this guy nailed it with his.

• Jenni Carlson asks if the program-changing week for Cowboy Football will be for the better or worse

• Big 12 ADs are building in buffer space if the Big 12 Championship game gets pushed back this fall

• This was a great compare/contrast of the Mikes in charge of OSU’s revenue sports:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Love this piece on the “dangers of losing one’s place”
• Investing time in good ideas only
• Curious to see what this Thunder lieutenant does in Detroit

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