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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 23)



Football misc.

Alabama-Florida State to open the 2017 season? Yeah, that’s awesome. (CBS)

OU’s going to go 11-0, eh? (Crimson & Cream)

Washington’s QB, Cyler Miles, retired. (Yahoo)

I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be doing any half Ironmans with my daughter ever.


OSU got a 3-star ATH on Monday. (PFB)

It sounds odd to say it sounds odd that OSU is experiencing success outside of the state of Texas which (obviously) isn’t its own state. But it is. (PFB)

I get the feeling that recruits really enjoy all these college tours. Here’s a DT from Texas OSU is trying to woo. (PFB)

Other sports

I talked about the US Open with the good people of No Laying Up on Monday morning. Very early on Monday morning. (No Laying Up)

Four thoughts on the US win over Colombia. (Big Lead)

Hoops misc.

I agree with Travis Ford on the new shot clock: “I like it going to 30 but I wish it would have gone lower. I think you’ll see the benefit of the shot clock being shortened. Overall, I think it will be more exciting. Players like to play fast.” (Big 12 Sports)

Oh, the Latvian KD, eh? (Big Lead)

More stuff I’m reading

Oklahomans feel the loss, they feel the pain, because they believe they knew BBJ. And in truth they did. (NewsOK)

What does the word idiom mean? (probably just me…) (Daily Writing Tips)

Can confirm this on chasing your dreams being harder than you originally thought. (Acuff)

The pain comes from falling in love with your status quo and living in fear of making another choice, a choice that might not work. You might have been right then, but now isn’t then, it’s now. If the world isn’t different, no need to make a new decision. The question is, “is the world different now?” (Godin)

Tetris on the side of a building! (MIT)

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