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Daily Bullets (June 25): Would Chuba Hubbard Have Taken Justice Hill’s Reps?



This “pulling the offer after he takes an official visit stuff” has blown up so much. It’s probably happened a dozen times over the last four years but just wild to know it’s a policy – a policy that’s a bit more justified as a result of all of the player movement in college football.

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy hiring guys who stay in their lane
• Bobby A. says Chuba would eat (a lot of) Justice’s reps
• Teams are beefing up schedules for playoff expansion

OSU Bullets

• Here’s an HR trend you can pick up on that Gundy has implemented of late.

One trend I’ve noticed with Gundy is that he (mostly) likes his coordinators (especially on offense) to be young and maybe a little inexperienced, but he wants his position coaches to be old. The reasoning for this doubles as what I’m dubbing the Henson-Dickey Theorem of Coaching. Gundy wants position coaches who stay in their lanes, and he’ll trade almost anything to get it. [PFB]

I think anytime you can find somebody who’s good enough at their job that they’d be considered for a promotion but likes what they do so much that they’d turn it down, you’ve found a gem.

Finding folks who are great at what they do and want to sit in their chair for a long time have found an organizational advantage.

• Pretty strong take from Bobby A. here on how Chuba Hubbard would compare to (Baltimore Raven) Justice Hill. 

I know that some people will take this the wrong way. I’m a huge Justice Hill fan and I think he will be awesome in Baltimore with the Ravens. Hill has speed, he’s strong despite being a smaller back, and he has all kinds of versatile talent. However, if Hill had come back for his senior season I believe he would have had a very hard time beating out Chuba Hubbard. At the very best, Hill would have had to share near equal time with Hubbard. [GoPokes]

I’ll take a dynamic feature-back but I can’t commit to Hubbard over Justice Hill – not just yet at least.

• A general “toughening” of schedules is something you can expect to see from college football teams over time.

(Georgia Athletic Director) mentioned fans not wanting to see “guarantee games,” non-conference contests where the payout to the woeful opponent is guaranteed and the victory to the powerhouse team is assured, too. But he said those games are necessary because big-time programs don’t want to play a Power 5 team every week.

“A couple years, we’re playing 11 out of 12,” McGarity said. “We’re kind of anticipating the growth from four to eight.” [NewsOK]

There are two distinct strategies for playoff consideration: beat the cupcakes and win your conference or load for bear and increase your margin for error. OSU tends to drift towards the first (for better or for worse), we’ll see how that plays out when the playoff expands from four to eight.

• Both Cowboy Baseball and Cowgirl Softball had such explosive capacity this year – what a blast.

• This will be interesting. How does the NFL rule on a premier player’s issues? This isn’t a past-his-prime running back in play.

Non-OSU Bullets

• I’m way out on this map’s divisions of the US (from Reddit) – Tulsa in the deep south but OKC in the lower great plains with Nebraskans? Get outta here.

• I appreciated Jon Hamm explaining the Steven Adams’ trade murmurs 

• When the NBA champion head coach was coaching semi-pro ball in Oklahoma

This one had me rolling – dogs are the best.

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