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Myles Price No Longer Committed to Oklahoma State

Price and OSU had an abrupt split over the weekend.



Over the weekend, some drama unfolded in Lubbock, Texas.

Just a week after three-star athlete Myles Price committed to Oklahoma State, he made an official to Texas Tech … and things quickly escalated when reported that OSU pulled his offer as retaliation to his Tech OV. Just like that, he’s no longer an OSU recruit.

Here’s more reporting from GoPokes.

The first report came when an employee of 247Sports reported to us that he received a message from someone close to the situation, who informed him that all purpose back and cornerback for The Colony Myles Price had taken an official visit this weekend to Texas Tech and that Oklahoma State, where Price had just committed a week ago had rescinded their scholarship offer. []

In the aftermath of such an incident, it turned into somewhat of a he-said they-said; reported that Price was told by OSU’s staff that they expected him not to take any official visits elsewhere. Price, almost assuredly, did not get the message or blatantly ignored it. Either way, the result was a blowback of massive proportions from other recruits blasting OSU’s staff.

Not only did analysts and media weigh in, but many current and former OSU recruits did, too, all piling on to the decision to yank the offer.

Not only was this a terrible look for OSU, but it was downright petty. Sure, he committed to OSU a week ago, but in 2019, nearly every recruit in the country worth a darn expends all official visits. It’s an expense-paid trip that includes tours, meals, and the visualization of what an academic experience would look like. Not doing so would be a disservice.

Say what you will about his commitment and what it says or doesn’t say about him tripping to Texas Tech, but this was a knee-jerk that resulted in a hyperextension and hurt feelings. No one wins here, and especially OSU, which was really in no position at all in the first place to dictate whether a recruit does or doesn’t visit other programs.

Price is a 5-foot-8 speedster who committed to OSU as a receiver, and by all indications, that association isn’t likely to happen again. This is an ugly split, and the blowback for OSU has been so fierce (and likely unexpected), that it’d be shocking if the two reunited down the line.

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