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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 29)

Mike Cobbins joins the Thunder, Mike Gundy on Big 12 titles and Jawun Evans is filling it up in Greece.



Mike Gundy speaks

Why the College Football Playoff isn’t Mike Gundy’s goal. (PFB)

I’m also not sure he understands what the word “hedge” means, but here are his full quotes on why Big 12 title > national title. (ESPN)

Big 12 aligning (and realigning)

It looks like the Big 12 will be able to have a title game next season. (ESPN)

When it comes to more realignment, Jake Trotter says “Oklahoma is the keymaker.” Really good mailbag on expansion, by the way. (ESPN)

Robert Allen has takes on this. (Go Pokes)

Football misc.

A Michigan DL said he was pressured to retire. (Yahoo)

What does that have to do with OSU? He’s trying to pull a Josh Furman, perhaps.

How the 2009 Alamo Bowl helped shaped OU in 2015. Pretty interesting stuff (and a great line about being an inside receivers coach from Berry). (NewsOK)

I disagree that Rudolph is OSU’s most indispensable player. Walsh is an elite backup. It would be different if it was, say, Kolar. (ESPN)

Here’s Dez looking incredibly concerned about getting his new contract.

Hoops misc.

Michael Cobbins will play with the Thunder this summer which is pretty cool.

Hey, OSU’s non-con basketball schedule is pretty good. I wish football would follow suit. (NewsOK)

The Cliff Alexander story is a sad one. What Le’Bryan’s would have been if he’d declared after his first season. (Yahoo)

I want Anthony Allen quotes on everything in my life.

This is hilarious.

Jawun Evans update

Here’s Jawun Evans filling up stat sheets in Greece against Iran. (okstate)

He didn’t do as much against Croatia, but OSU is sure pumping that +/- line! (okstate)

Other sports

OSU finished inside the top 20 in various final baseball polls. (okstate)

Meet Chanse Sylvie (who looks like a baller). (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

Some really incredible BBJ stories. Robert Allen and peanut M&Ms are involved. (NewsOK)

I like this quote on exploring. Something I need to be constantly aware of. (Kleon)

In 2013, fewer US citizens were killed by terrorism than by televisions. By one. (Council on Foreign Relations)

Carrying around a list of everyone who thinks you’re not good enough is exhausting. (Godin)

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