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Daily Bullets: Justin Gilbert’s big night

OSU-South Carolina matchup again, Heisman watch lists, and that one Gilbert GIF




Good stuff here on Gilbert and the draft: “I have no idea what will happen,” he told the newspaper. “I’m probably not going to cry, but I don’t know how (my mother) is going to take it when my name is called. If she starts crying, I’ll try my best not to look at her.” (NewsOK)

Robert Allen compares Justin Gilbert to Deion Sanders and whips out his NFL Draft crystal ball. (Scout)

Yeah, outside of Peterson I have no idea how good our DBs will be. (ESPN)

I would be stunned if Barnett goes undrafted. Not to say Helsley is incorrect here — he probably isn’t — I just wouldn’t understand it. Sort of like Adarius Bowman going undrafted. (NewsOK)

Van Malone on Gilbert: “He developed a sense of responsibility, a sense of leadership. He’s always been a guy that, ‘Hey what time do we need to be there? I’m going to be there.'” Really cool interview there. (ESPN)

All but two draft experts have Gilbert going inside the top 15. (NewsOK)

Gundy on Gilbert: Our team in general has seen what’s happened to him and the advantage of coming back and finishing school, getting his head on straight and performing and what it’s done with his career, because they all have a dream someday of doing the same thing that he has a chance to do this month.” (Tulsa World)

ICYMI: Here’s a good way to follow the draft tonight. (okstate)

JW Walsh on a Heisman watch list? Do we just auto-list all the QBs from BCS schools? (NewsOK)

This is odd, the Alamo Bowl will be played in January. (CBS Sports)


Here’s the full Big 12-SEC Challenge for year two. (Yahoo)

Travis Ford and Frank Martin are in similar positions. They both need one player on their respective rosters to have a breakout season. (ESPN)

OSU is rebuilding, while the Gamecocks are returning five players who started at least 20 games last season. (NewsOK)

This CBS Sports Classic thing looks pretty cool. (Sports Illustrated)


A Twitter account you should be following. Hope to do a bunch more of these soon. (PFB)

OSU-Michigan at 7 AM on Saturday. (okstate)

A history of the compression sleeve. Yes, I will read. (New Yorker)

Is college still worth it? Maybe. I want to see this study in 10 years or even five years.. (Stats)

I feel like this dude makes catching a ball while doing a back flip look easier than it actually is. (Big Lead)

I am going to drop this Miguel Angel Jimenez profile right here without having read it because there’s no way it’s not good. (GolfDigest)

Gilbert’s draft profile.

Jimmy Fallon ran a 40 timed by Clowney.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m an Eisenberg homer. I don’t even know what this is about but I’ll see it.


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