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Daily Bullets: Kurt Budke is going in the Hall of Fame

New Barry Sanders kicks are $120, Big 12 media days kicks off on Monday, and what to expect from OSU this season.




Everybody at the Oklahoman picks OSU 4th or worse in the Big 12 this year. Fair. (NewsOK)

In that sense, it’s perhaps his best opportunity to brush through the distractions, surpass expectations again and bolster his Stillwater legacy, on his own. (Sports on Earth)

Good to-do list here, that LB depth chart will be ugly. (NewsOK)

Jenni Carlson: OSU gets bowl eligible in October, then goes winless in November and December. (NewsOK)

Jameis doesn’t understand how the media works, I don’t think. “Before I say anything, how does it feel to have an ACC team come in here with a national championship? Can we give the ACC a round of applause? We took it away from the SEC. It’s a blessing.” (Syracuse)

It’s not a secret that the outlook for Oklahoma State football this season isn’t near as bright as it was a year ago when the Cowboys were Big 12 favorites. The good news? Coach Mike Gundy and OSU have been doubted before. (NewsOK)

The top 15 games of the Big 12 season. Bedlam No. 3. (ESPN)

Good stuff here from Robert Allen on what he wants to know from each team over the next two days in Dallas. (Scout)

Always enjoy Berry’s questions for media day. Why isn’t Gundy going to Bristol? (NewsOK)

Big 12 media days will be on TV today which is pretty cool. OSU goes Monday morning. (Fox SW)

The Barry Sanders kicks will be $120. (Nike)

Gundy: But we can play a lot better than what people think and I think we will.” (Tulsa World)

Director of Big 12 officiating: “Very often we get unfairly labeled with being much more violent than it is.” Actually I think it’s the other way around. (NewsOK)

Erin Andrews, gone. (Yahoo)


Kurt Budke is going in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame which is just the coolest. (Scout)

Drafting Smart might seem to spell a certain end to Rondo’s run in Beantown. But in an age where assets are in many ways more valuable than tangible talent, having a piece like Smart could mean the difference between trading into an instant contender and merely hoping it happens. (B/R)


10 thoughts on the British Open. (CBS Sports)

Great story on pickpockets in New York. (NYT)

This from Sally Jenkins on her pops (Dan, you may have heard of him) is terrific. (Washington Post)

I enjoyed this on the cost of low-hanging fruit. (Saddington)

Finished this book over the weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. (Amazon)

Joe’s just turned 39?! (Stillwater Newspress)

Good “what’s in my pocket” post here. (Pocket)

Cool story here on how golf clubs are mishandled and what folks do about that. (NYT)

Two couples, one mortgage. (Atlantic)

Most ballin’ news ever for Oklahoma hipsters. (NewsOK)

The coolest.

Love both of them..

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