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Daily Bullets (Mar. 1): Cowgirl Softball Walks Off Two Wins

A look back at a great OSU win over Iowa State.



Gonna be a quick one today as everyone in our home is currently either sick or on their way and I have some oatmeal to dish out asap. Thanks for bearing with me.


WBB: Kansas 77 | OSU 69
BB: Illinois 4 | OSU 2
SB: OSU 2 | Louisville 1
MBB: OSU 73 | Iowa Stae 61
SB: OSU 5 | Oregon 4


SB: vs. Drake in Stillwater (1 p.m.) — ESPN+
BB: vs. Texas A&M in Frisco (3 p.m.) — Watch here

My five thoughts on the game yesterday. I honestly could have gone about 15 deep. Was a fun, good game with a lot going on. I haven’t enjoyed watching every OSU game this year, but I did yesterday. Real building blocks.

• This was great.

NCAA wrestling qualifier allocations. Seth is great with stuff like this, and this gives a good picture of what OSU is facing heading into the Big 12 Tournament.

• OSU’s softball walked off two different games yesterday. First against Louisville and later on against Oregon. Might be the most exciting team on campus.

• I love this headline from Berry Tramel’s piece. We may or may not have a shirt coming later today or on Monday for the Sanders/Garth hilarity.

• Here’s AJ’s performance on bench at the combine.

• Here’s a Barry Sanders statue update (hopefully we can drape one of the shirts we’re making on it at some point).

Consider this to be informed speculation: At some point before the end of 2021, it is expected that Oklahoma State finally will commemorate the brilliance of Barry Sanders and the generosity of T. Boone Pickens with statues on the Boone Pickens Stadium property. [Tulsa World]

• Travis Ford continues to impress.

• An OSU student bagged the biggest buck in state history.

• Anybody ever heard of this cat? I fell down a rabbit hole earlier this week and watched a ton of his videos. Now there’s a $65K desk setup I have to have.

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