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Daily Bullets (Mar. 15): Flattening the Curve on Selection Sunday



The show (our show) goes on (for now).

No Games Played
No Games Scheduled

10 thoughts on corona, OSU and sports in 2020

• If you’re looking for a way to pass the time, come join our forum!

• Of course Berry Tramel is already making the good content. Here’s a ranking of 68 March moments from years gone by. The number of lists made over the next month-plus is going to be staggering (and we will participate).

More good stuff from Berry on why the cancelation of the Dance is such a big deal.

• Here’s a good AP story on the inside tale of how the NCAA Tournament was canceled.

• There a might be a bracket reveal … which would be … odd?

• The cancellations of so many Oklahoma events through the eyes of Bryce Thompson.

• This on flattening the curve is terrific.

• On how to be a digital minimalist during a pandemic.

• I wrote about Rory, the adult and the leader.

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