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Daily Bullets (March 24)



Brad Underwood Presser

This on how Brad Underwood got hired is spectacular. [Tulsa World]

I discussed the entire presser in a Facebook Live and Periscope video last night. You can watch it right here. [PFB]

You can watch a replay here. [PFB]

Here’s the photo album from the day. Awesome. [okstate]

Why are we pushing this angle so hard? Mike Holder: “The way Brad was raised and the way Jack Hartman coached and talked about Mr. Iba and Oklahoma State, don’t kid yourself, that’s the main reason we’re here today. That had a profound effect on Brad.” [NewsOK]

Come vote on how much you like the hire. [PFB]

Mike Holder: “I knew exactly who we wanted, who was at the top of our list. I was just worried that someone might beat us to the starting line. Everybody said well, hey, we hired a coach in 48 hours. If you don’t, you might not have a coach.” [AP]

Jenni Carlson nails this. Brad Underwood feels more Stillwater in two days than Travis Ford did in eight years. [NewsOK]

Underwood: “We’re coming here to win. I told the players yesterday in a team meeting, losing is not an option. We’re going to work. I have no greater appreciation for the fans who have to get in their vehicles on a Wednesday night and drive to come support us and the work that these guys have put in. The one thing I can promise you is that we’re going to play for the name on the front of the uniform.” [Go Pokes]

More on Underwood

One thing Underwood has to have is time. [PFB]

Brad Underwood’s win-loss record is unassailable. [PFB]

This on Underwood’s motion offense made me cry tears of delight. Real movement! [CRFF]

He will make between $1-1.5M. [PFB]

Old Guard

Mike Holder on meeting with the Suttons: “I had a wonderful meeting with those guys. We’ve got to have them back in the (Oklahoma State) family, 100 percent — everybody pulling in the same direction.“To be who we need to really be — to unite the fan base and get everybody back in the right direction — you must have the Sutton family and Iba family all in.” [Tulsa World]

John Rohde says Doug Gottlieb and Desmond Mason deserved better from Mike Holder. [The Franchise]

I have to admit, I didn’t listen to the end of the Desmond interview (because the beginning was so shocking) but he sort of crushed the “culture” of OSU which is why the Rohde article was written. [PFB]

Hoops News

Phil Forte is coming back. [PFB]

Six of the 10 Big 12 coaches have made the Final Four. Neither Underwood nor Dixon are on the list, so 75 percent of the holdovers they join have Final Four pedigrees. [NewsOK]

This is really smart. Jamie Dixon got a raise and lowered his own bar for future success. This is how you do it! [CBS]

Here’s a recruiting splash Underwood could make right away. [PFB]

Every UK player will submit their names for the draft this year. Wowza. [Yahoo]

Football News

Charlie Strong, delusional. [Yahoo]

James Washington: “I try to overlook [success] and work on getting better. And making sure my teammates are getting better. [Dez] has set the bar high for all the other receivers [that play at Oklahoma State]. I put in hard work every day to try to live up to the expectations that were left here by Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon.” [ESPN]

Other Sports

OSU only got the two seed for the Big 12 Equestrian Championship?? [Big 12]

OSU baseball beat Wichita State 17-0 last night. [O’Colly]

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