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Daily Bullets (March 25)



Hoops News

A closer look at Brad Underwood’s efficient, unselfish offense. You need to watch the video in here. I had to take a break because I got hot and bothered. [PFB]

Mike Gundy on TF: “I do want to say that I thought that Travis Ford and them did a great job this year. They had terrible luck and I was proud of how hard they played. It broke my heart in watching them at times knowing that they were climbing uphill.” [NewsOK]

The most important thing Brad Underwood can do this week (maybe I should have said “in the next three months”). [PFB]

I’m still confused about how many teams Underwood talked to. “I had multiple opportunities with other schools. There were four or five others. And yet, I talked to Brett and said, ‘Listen, this is how I want to do this. And let’s get this one rolling ASAP.’” [NewsOK]

Forget the Iba connection, Underwood understands the Stillwater connection. That’s what will help him be great. [PFB]

Brad Underwood is going to New York on Friday and will be in studio for the games. Which means he will probably meet up with Douglas. [Go Pokes]

Phil Forte: “I think Coach (Mike) Holder made a great hire and we’re definitely excited to have him as our head coach. He’s won. It’s proven. He’s won in the NCAA Tournament. That’s something I can’t say I’ve done. That’s what excites me. [Tulsa World]

NCAA Tournament

I laughed pretty hard at “Buddy and a fan.” [Yahoo]

This Coach K-Dillon Brooks exchange is juicy. [Yahoo]

Football News

Mason Rudolph on John Kolar: “He’s an athletic guy. He can do some things that I can’t. He’s a fast guy.” [NewsOK]

The player I’m most intrigued to watch next year. [NewsOK]

How cool is this?

Baseball News

OSU opens conference play with a win over KSU. [okstate]

This would be kind of a disaster if this is how it worked out. [CRFF]

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