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Daily Bullets (March 28)



Hoops News

The Mike Holder apology to the Suttons sounds pretty intense. [NewsOK]

Holder also explains why the Brad Underwood hiring happened so fast. [Go Pokes]

Thomas Walkup: “I would run through a brick wall if he asked me because I would do anything for the guy. I trust the guy with my life. All of us did. Y’all got the best of the best. He’s incredible on the court. He’s incredible off the court. Off the court, he’s so awesome it makes you want to play so well for him on the court. He’s great with Xs and Os. His teams play hard, play tough.” [NewsOK]

The Big 12 was the second-best conference in the NCAA Tournament. [NewsOK]

Buddy and OU make the Final Four in front of Kobe. This is tough to read. [NewsOK]

This Coach K-Dillon Brooks thing is hilarious and absurd. Did anyone think he didn’t say what he was accused of saying? [Yahoo]

This is terrific.

Football News

The answer to this question about Mason Rudolph, without question, is “yes.” [CRFF]

Spring practice is going well, but I wouldn’t classify it as going as well as it sounds coming from Rudolph, but that’s part of his job as team leader and starting quarterback. Just know in private he is probably making a few more suggestions and probably in a pretty serious tone of voice. [Go Pokes]

OSU’s secondary is going to be pretty great. This got me fired up for next season. [Go Pokes]

It is strange that the Big 12 seems successful on the field but the perception is that it isn’t. [Tulsa World]

Other Sports

Did you hear that, we cruised to the Big 12 Equestrian title. [Big 12]

Coach Larry Sanchez: “It’s very exciting. Every year, it’s a different team, and we’re very proud of their hard work and what they put into it throughout the year. To finish strong like this at the conference championship is just awesome.” [O’Colly]

Photos from the equestrian title. [okstate]

Alex Dieringer is going to chase the Olympics from Stillwater this spring. [CRFF]

Don’t look now, OSU baseball is kind of rolling again. [okstate]

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