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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (March 29)



Hoops news

Brad Underwood represents a big change in philosophy from Travis Ford. [PFB]

This from Berry on Lon Kruger is stupendous. He’s awesome. One thing I love about what he talks about is how calm and non-maniacal Kruger is on the court. Sort of Tony Dungy-ish. I’m curious to see what Underwood is like in that role. [NewsOK]

This is pretty cool. Brittney Martin was named third-team All American. [okstate]

Why playing in Houston could help North Carolina. [Yahoo]

Do Final Four winners usually win their own conferences? [NewsOK]

Recruiting News

Great news here on OSU getting seven stars worth of Wallaces out of Ft. Worth. [PFB]

Several QBs emerging on OSU’s radar. Great stuff here from Kyle B. (who continues to crush). [PFB]

Football News

Every day is a learning curve for Larry Williams. [PFB]

Ranking the triplets in the Big 12. All three at the top sound awesome. Mayfield-Westbrook-Perine, Cannon-Shock-Russell and Washington-Rudolph-Sanders. [ESPN]

Baseball News

Pokes swept Kansas State over the weekend. [PFB]

OSU is playing the opposite of Baylor’s football schedule this year. [NewsOK]

Also …

Tyler Buffett was Big 12 Pitcher of the Week. [okstate]

More PFB

Get to know Brad Underwood. [PFB]

Brad Underwood talks about how OSU will play 95 percent man-to-man D. [PFB]

Nearly half of you think the Underwood hire was a grand slam. [PFB]

Alex Dieringer wins the wrestling Heisman. [PFB]

More stuff I’m reading

This on why you should own a smaller home was terrific. [Becoming Minimalist]

15 pieces of writing advice from C.S. Lewis. [TGC]

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