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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (March 30)



Hoops News

Two more stats that point to Brad Underwood being a great coach. [PFB]

Buddy loves him some Kobe Bean Bryant. [NewsOK]

Travis Ford to St. Louis! [PFB]

Good Final Four storylines from my man Gary Parrish here. [CBS]

Why are we messing with One Shining Moment? [Yahoo]

The best images of the Sweet 16. Awesome. [CBS]

Football News

Jalen McCleskey one-handed catch alert. [PFB]

What would an All-Big 12 NFL team look like? Fun stuff here. [LGG]

Could Oklahoma State use five RBs in the backfield this fall? [PFB]

Timmy Teebs running for political office? Crazier things have happened … like this entire political season. [CBS]

Baseball News

Arkansas falls to OSU. I like reading about this on the SEC Network site. [SEC]

Brad Underwood one-hopped the first pitch. [PFB]

Photo album from the game. [okstate]

Recruiting News

6’7” QB says South Carolina, Oklahoma State and Michigan are his frontrunners. [PFB]

Other Sports

Why Kenny Gajewski came home to coach Oklahoma State after spending much of his life in Norman. [O’Colly]

More stuff I’m reading

Finished this book yesterday. Good not great. Not his best work. [Amazon]

This is an OKC Dave special, but the first part of this podcast with Chuck Klosterman is about writing, and it is terrific. [Soundcloud]

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