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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: Markel Brown, the leader

Nash says OSU wanted to play KU, Forte injury update, and Pro Day Thursday.




This Markel Brown article is must read. No, we aren’t a tournament team without Marcus, but I’m not sure we are without Markel, either. (ESPN)

Smart: “We already know what Texas Tech is coming to do. They threw a punch, and we have to throw one back and keep fighting. That’s what we did.” Also, Ford says Markel has the best pull-up game in America (!) (O’Colly)

Some photos from last night. Wish I was in KC. I love the Big 12 Tournament. (Flickr)

Maybe Auburn will throe $50 million at Ford? (Sports Illustrated)

Ford: “Kansas is one of the great teams in the country, and they’ve proven it all year long. You’re always going to miss a player like Embiid. He’s special. But they’ve got guys they can turn to and that can pick it up for them.  So we understand the challenge is going to be an incredible challenge.“ (Big 12 Sports)

10 thoughts from last night. (PFB)

It’s true, we’ve played four great ones with Kansas. Win or lose, I don’t think their fans want any part of today. (NewsOK)

No worries about the Forte elbow injury. (Tulsa World)

Baylor apparently didn’t check with the NCAA before making these awful uniforms.. (Fox Sports SW)

Tubby Smith: “I just know that whatever issues Oklahoma State had, they corrected them. And when you have a great player like Marcus Smart … Travis is a very good coach, he understands what he has to do to get his team turned around, and he did. He got them playing hard. They went to more trapping and pressing, pressing and being more aggressive, and I think that was the key to their turnaround.” (NewsOK)

The Selection Committee tweeted out a selfie on Wednesday. (Yahoo)

Biggest surprises and disappointments in the Big 12 this season. (PFB)

Nash: “We wanted to play Kansas.” (Tulsa World)

Ford says here that Nash was only 65-70 percent on Wednesday. (Scout)

This is true, OSU has to start rebounding better at some point. I just don’t know who’s going to do it. (Tulsa World)


“Tyreek still don’t know how fast he is. He’s still got some speed back there he’s hiding.” Great piece. (NewsOK)

Pro Day at BPS today. Pretty busy for a weekday. (Tumblr)

Utah State is the only FBS program with fewer returning starters than the Cowboys. (ESPN)

Brent Musburger won’t be on our games anymore. That might be joyous news to some of you but I sort of liked him.. (Big Lead)

Agree here with the guys tabbed as players ready to take the next step on offense and defense. (ESPN)


A fun baseball social media guide here. (PFB)

Some great photos from the Wichita State game. (Flickr)

Brandon Weeden, gone. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

All 10 OSU wrestlers are going to the NCAAs for OSU. (NewsOK)

Baseball today, too! (okstate)

Rick Reilly, gone. (Big Lead)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Browns. (Deadspin)

This on the Masters by Dan Jenkins is predictably great. (The Stacks)

Speaking of Dan Jenkins, you need to read this profile of him. (Grantland)

These Lego photos are spectacular. (The Verge)

How a side project turned into an app with 11 million users. Great read. (Zapier)

This on Blake Mycoskie and TOMS Coffee is pretty fascinating. (CNN Money)



My bracket is perfect (through two games)!

Here’s Markel after last night’s game.

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