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Daily Bullets (May 17): How Coronavirus Has Changed Recruiting

More Michigan-Oklahoma State rumors!



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OSU Bullets

• This on how recruiting has changed because of the coronavirus is fascinating.

Out of all this have come new tactics and ideas that will remain part of the arsenal college coaches use to recruit into the future.

“Above all, you’re trying to build relationships with the kids,” Bradford said. “How can we make a connection with this kid? How can we make a connection with his parents? The parents have probably seen Coach Gundy face-to-face on FaceTime or Zoom more than they would have in a normal year. That part has been beneficial and it has probably changed how recruiting is going to happen forever.” [NewsOK]

• Soon: You don’t have to like it. But you might as well embrace it. Players branding themselves is coming to a campus near you. [NewsOK]

Berry Tramel is thinking what I’m thinking: Oklahoma State-Michigan would be ???.

• Man, I am pumped about Collin Oliver’s commitment to OSU.

My preview of the Rory-DJ vs. Fowler-Wolff match today.

• I thought this was pretty great.

• Speaking of golf, Southern Hills gets the 2030 (!) PGA Championship.

• The goat before the goat.

These Lincoln Riley quotes on coronavirus are pretty good. “So we’ve got to be patient. We get one shot at this and we’ve got to do it right.”

Robert Allen says Riley is pretty much alone on this within the Big 12 world.

• In case you missed it last Monday, Spencer Sanders said some words on Twitter that delighted many, many people.

Non-OSU Bullets

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Listening to: Rory on the McKellar pod (so good), Ben and Jerry on HIBT.

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